This guide will walk through the cancellation process for ADP RUN customers who have purchased a Deputy subscription through the ADP Marketplace.

Pro Tip: If you have any issues or questions about canceling your subscription, please contact ADP Marketplace Support at

How to Cancel Your Service

First, navigate to the ADP Marketplace with your RUN credentials. 

After logging in, click 'My Apps'

On the next page, hover your mouse over the Deputy icon and click the gear icon that appears. 

In the drop-down menu that appears, click 'Manage App'.

On the next page, click 'Cancel Subscription'.

A warning message will appear. To confirm the cancellation, click 'Yes'.

Please note, as mentioned in the image above, you will no longer have access to Deputy, and ADP DO NOT provide refunds on paid subscriptions.

The next page will bring you back to your list of apps, with a confirmation of the service cancellation.

Pro Tip: ADP bills you for the Deputy subscription in arrears, meaning that after you cancel your subscription in the ADP Marketplace, your next ADP bill will reflect Deputy usage up until the cancellation date. You are billed for every month your Deputy subscription is active in the ADP Marketplace. There are no refunds in the ADP Marketplace.

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