Our FlareHR integration allows you to create and sync employees between systems. It also allows you to export timesheets to FlareHR. 

Note: Deputy cannot be integrated with Flare Essentials.

Follow the button below to learn how to export timesheets from Deputy to FlareHR.

Connecting to FlareHR

Before you begin, please contact FlareHR to retrieve your API key. Please keep this API key secure. You will need this to connect later on.

To connect to FlareHR, first log into Deputy and navigate to the Locations page. Click 'Edit Settings' on the location you would like to connect.

In the Notifications & Integrations tab, select 'FlareHR', then click 'Continue'.

In the following list, scroll until you find one of the following with the FlareHR logo:

  • New Worker > Sync to Deputy

Click 'Authorize'.

In the following window, enter your API key as provided by FlareHR.

New Worker > Sync to Deputy

This function occurs when you create or update an employee in FlareHR while connected to Deputy. When syncing, the integration will try to match the following:

  1. Email Address
  2. Mobile Number
  3. First Name + Last Name

Once a connection between employees has been made, it will be remembered, and any updates made in FlareHR will be updated in Deputy.

The following fields will be kept in sync:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Start Date
  • Gender
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Number

Please note - FlareHR will now be the source of truth for this information. All updates should be made in FlareHR, otherwise they will be overwritten. 

For updates to Email or Mobile, these will need to be changed by employees at once.deputy.com as these fields become locked once users have accepted their Deputy invite. Changes in Flare for Email or Mobile will not update Deputy with this integration.

Additionally, for each employee we will sync

  • Deputy Locations
  • Leave types
  • payroll export codes

These fields are managed within the Deputy Employee Profile.


  • The email invites toggle allows you to control whether new employees from Flare automatically receive an email invitation from Deputy, or whether the user wants to control this themselves. This can be helpful for initial setup.
  • The Location field will set where Deputy should look for a primary location in Flare. The user can select ‘Location’, ‘Department’ or ‘Division’. Deputy will attempt to match this value to the name of a location in Deputy, and will add this as their primary location.
  • The export code field allows you to select how to determine the payroll export code for the employee. If you are using FlarePay, this should be set to Employee ID. If you are using another payroll system, and have the employee’s payroll code in the employee number field in Flare, you can select that. If you have another system adding this information to Deputy, or you want to manually enter this detail, select ‘None’, and this integration will not edit the field.
  • Leave ‘Turn it on for all locations’ and the ‘Enabled’ toggle to on

The first time you set up the integration, set your desired configuration, and hit ‘Save’. You must then run the integration once to kick it off, by hitting the ‘Run Now’ button. This will subscribe to the relevant areas in FlareHR, and do a complete employee sync. This may take some time on the first run if you have a large number of employees.

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