Break Planning allows your employers to schedule, manage and track multiple your breaks during your shift.

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Starting and Ending Your Break


On the Kiosk, after starting your shift, you can see the details of the break, including the start and end times, and the duration of that break type.

If the breaks do not have an assigned time, tapping 'Start Break' will bring up the following, where you can choose the type of break you will be taking.

Simply select the break you would like to take. Depending on the length of the assigned break, you will then see a break confirmation message with a reminder of the time your break ends.

If your breaks have assigned times, this will be displayed:

If you attempt to start or end a scheduled break, and your manager has break enforcement (‘Allow employees to end break early is turned off in Location Settings), the following will appear:

Web Browser

While in the Me tab, simply click 'Start Break'.

From here, you can select the break type. After selecting the correct break type, click 'Start Break'.

You will receive a confirmation that the break has started.


For information about break planning for mobile, click the buttons below based on your preferred mobile operating system.

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