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How to Schedule Breaks

Navigate to the Schedule tab and either add a shift via the plus (+) button..

..or edit an existing shift.

The shift edit modal will appear.

Under Meal Break and Rest Break, you can enter the number of minutes that the break goes for in 15 minute intervals, or you can click the box, click 'Add New' and select your own number of minutes for the break.

Enter the rest of the shift details, including employee, area, start/end times and any shift notes, then click 'Save'.

Adding Multiple Breaks and Break Times

You can further customise shift breaks. To do this, click the 'Break Details' drop-down.

More details will appear.

Under 'Type', you can select the type of break to add. By default, Meal Breaks are unpaid, while Rest Breaks are paid. You can change the names of paid and unpaid breaks in your location settings - for more details on how to do this please see the following section.

To edit the times when the break occurs/is meant to be taken, click the 'Set break start and end time' checkbox.

In its place, two boxes will appear where you can specify the break start and end times.

Simply add when you want the break to occur to continue.

To add additional breaks, simply click the 'Add Break' button.

This will add an additional break with the same details that you can edit.

How to Delete Meal and Rest Breaks

To delete a break, simply click the 'Trash' icon as seen in the screenshot below:

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