At Deputy, we believe everyone is an important member of a team working together so we call our people team members. However, in your community, you may call your people something different. You can easily customise the team member label to a term that suits your organisation.

This article is written for users with an access level of System Administrator and will cover:

How to Change the 'Team Member' Label

System Administrators can click on the Business settings option from the profile drop-down menu.

Select the Custom Terms tab. In the Team member text box, change Team member to the custom term you would like to enter.

In the example below, we've used 'Team Mate'.

Don't forget to click Apply Changes before you close the window.

Some notes to be aware of when selecting a custom term for your people:

  • please only add singular nouns, plurals are not required

  • please use inclusive gender-neutral language

  • if you or your team members use Deputy in a language other than English on a mobile device then the custom term you enter here may not be translated into the language the mobile device is utilising.

Where is this Custom Term Change Visible in Deputy

This appears in a number of places in Deputy. In the screenshots below, 'Team member' has been changed to 'Team Mate'.

Some examples include, but is not limited to:

Printing Your Schedule by Team mate or removing all Team mates from the Schedule.

Archiving Team Mates

Running Team Mate reports

Note: Changing the custom term that you use to describe people in your organisation does not affect the Deputy user access labels of:

  • Employee

  • Supervisor

  • Location Manager

  • System Administrator

These will remain unchanged.

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