The Data Exporter allows you to pull stored data from Deputy as a CSV file.

Getting Started

Please ensure that you have System Administrator access level permissions for the account you would like to export data from.

Using the Data Exporter

Use the following link to head to the exporter site:

Then, click 'Connect with Deputy'.

You will be prompted to log into your Deputy account.

If successful, you will be brought to an authorisation screen. Here, you will need to select the organisation/instance of Deputy you would like to export from. Click 'Authorize' when you have selected the desired instance.

The following will appear:

On the next screen, you can select the data source. You can select from the following:

  • Address

  • Company

  • Contact

  • CustomFieldData

  • Comment

  • Employee

  • EmployeeAgreement

  • EmployeeAgreementHistory

  • EmployeeAppraisal

  • EmployeeAvailability

  • EmployeeHistory

  • EmployeeRole

  • EmployeeWorkplace

  • EmploymentCondition

  • EmployementContract

  • Event

  • Geo

  • Journal

  • Leave

  • LeaveAccrual

  • LeaveRules

  • Memo

  • OperationalUnit

  • PayRules

  • PublicHoliday

  • Roster

  • SalesData

  • SystemUsageTracking

  • SmsLog

  • Task

  • Timesheet

  • TimesheetPayReturn

  • TrainingModule

  • TrainingRecord

You can also define the dataset you will export.

Total records

This is dependant on the dataset that you will define as mentioned in the following points.

Extract records created after

Clicking this allows you to export records created at and after a certain date.

Filter Employee

Here, you can define whether you want to export data from all employees, or for a specific employee.

Filter Location

This allows you to select the location you would like to export data from.

Exporting Data

After you have defined your dataset, click the 'Start Export' button. In this example, we'll be exporting all of Timmy Little's Timesheet data from all locations.

As this takes time, you will be presented with the following screen, which explains that your export file will be sent to the account's email address.

You will receive this email when the file is ready for download:

If you click the link, you'll be prompted to save the CSV file to your computer. The file, when opened in Excel, should look like the following:

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