Before You Begin

Please ensure that you have timesheets approved and are waiting to be exported, and that your employees have valid timesheet export codes. Click here to learn how to set this up.

Exporting to Paycor

First, navigate to the Timesheet Export page. Select the employee timesheets you would like to export, then click 'Export Selected Items'.

In the payroll application drop-down list, select 'Paycor'.

You'll be presented with the following options:

  • Export file name

  • Export Co Code

  • Mark any hours over 8 hours per day as O/T hours

  • Mark any hours over 10 hours per day as O/T hours

  • Mark any hours over 12 hours per day as O/T hours

  • Mark over 40 hours as O/T hours

  • Mark Sunday Timesheet as O/T hours

  • Mark Public Holiday Timesheet as O/T Hours

Click 'Export' when you are done. If successful, a pop-up window will appear, as shown below:

Click 'Download File', and save it to an easy-to-remember location on your computer.

The file should look similar to the image below and is used to upload to Paycor to complete your payroll process.

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