Different location views allow you to see a snapshot of your locations. These views can help if you have a large list of locations, or need to see things such as action items pertaining to particular locations.

How to Change Your View

On the Locations page, under Add Location, you will see three different buttons:

These represent the three ways to see your locations:

You can click on the relevant button to toggle between the different views.

List View

List view gives you a basic listed alphabetical view of all the locations in your Deputy account. you can perform a text search to find the one you need.

Clicking the location's address in the list displays:

  • A map with the location pinned

  • Location notes

  • A quick display of who is currently working at that location, on their break or running late. (You can click on the team member's photo to be taken directly to their profile)

  • More actions

Clicking More Actions brings up action items for that location.

Map View

This view drops a pin down on the locations' geographical points on a map.

Clicking the pin reveals the location's name and a link to the location's Settings page.

Swim Lane

This view allows you to see information about locations that have pending scheduling action items.

These include locations that:

  • Do not have any schedules

  • Have scheduled team members who are late

  • Have pending open shifts

  • Have scheduled team members who are scheduled to work later in the day

  • Have team members working at that location

  • Have timesheets ready to be actioned/approved

  • Have had timesheets approved for the day

Clicking a location brings up additional information, including a map view of the location, scheduled employees and their status, a button to view the location in Google Maps, and more actions for that particular location as described previously.

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