Before You Begin

Please ensure that your employees and areas have export codes. 

How to Edit an Area's Export Code

Set-up an Employee's Export Code

Exporting to Paychex

After you have approved timesheets, navigate to the Timesheet Export page.

Select the timesheets you would like to export, then click 'Export Selected Items'.

Now select 'Paychex' from the list of available payroll exports.

Here, you can change the export file name. This defaults to the date range of the selected export. 

You can also check the following:

  • Mark any hours over 8 hours per day as O/T hours

  • Mark any hours over 10 hours per day as O/T hours

  • Mark any hours over 12 hours per day as O/T hours

  • Mark over 40 hours as O/T hours

  • Mark Sunday Timesheet as O/T Hours

  • Mark Public Holidays Timesheet as O/T Hours

Click 'Export' when you are done.

If the Export is successful, you will see the following:

Click 'Download File'. Save this file on your computer where you can find it easily. Using the downloaded file, import this file into Paychex.

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