In this article, we will cover how your account's System Administrator can:

How to Pause Your Subscription

In the Deputy web application and click on Account overview in the right-hand side menu.

Find the organisation you wish to pause and click Billing.

From here select Plan and then Cancel your Deputy subscription to reveal several options.

Selecting Cancel your Deputy subscription reveals three options.

To Pause, click the top option Pause Deputy.

Then confirm by clicking Pause Subscription.

By Pausing your subscription:

  • You won't be billed while your account is Paused

  • You and your team will not be able to log into your Deputy account

  • You can resume your subscription at any time, picking up right where you left off

  • All your data will be kept safe in Deputy

While Paused you will still be able to access your:

  • News Feed including the new Video for News Feed to keep in touch with your team remotely

  • 'People' tab where you can add, archive, and update your employee's details

  • Reports like the Contact Tracing Report so you can feel confident that your team remains safe

Please chat with us anytime to discuss how Deputy may be able to assist you during this time with additional resources, billing options, or other changes to your subscription.

Chat With Us Now

When presented with the option to Pause you can also select Chat Now to discuss other changes to your account, billing options or additional resources Deputy may provide to you.

We are online and available 24/7, around the globe to help.

To cancel or make other changes to your account please see How to Change or Cancel Your Deputy Account.

How to Resume Your Subscription

Once you've Paused your subscription, you and your team will be able to access the News Feed, Reports and People within your Deputy account. All your data will be kept for when you decide to resume.

Only your Deputy System Administrator(s) can see the Reactivate subscription option.

When you're ready to resume, simply click Reactivate subscription to restart your Deputy account.

Please note you will be billed for the month in which you Resume your subscription.

How to Change, Cancel or Downgrade your Account

Note: Downgrading your plan is only possible from within the Deputy web application.

To change or downgrade your plan, click on Account overview in the right-hand side menu.

From there, please find the Organization you wish to change or downgrade and click Billing.

Click Plan in the list of options to the left and select Cancel your Deputy subscription? to cancel or change your plan.

To switch to another plan select Switch plan

To change your plan simply select the new relevant plan.

Or to cancel your account, select Cancel anyway.

Please select a reason for downgrading and give us feedback on why you’re cancelling. Your feedback will help us improve Deputy.

Click Yes, I want to downgrade to cancel your subscription or No, I changed my mind to continue using Deputy and chat with us about how Deputy can continue to support you.

We are online and available 24/7, around the globe to help.

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