Break templates (also referred to as 'Shift Templates') have been built in for specific states to comply with State labor laws. These states are:

  • Washington

  • California

  • Oregon

  • Massachusetts

Break templates currently cannot be added, edited, or removed from your Deputy instance. However, you can select and set a template based one of the four states listed above.

How to Set Break Templates

To set break templates, navigate to Business Settings.

Under the Misc tab, select ‘Shift Templates’.

Here you will see a list of our current break templates. To apply a template to your account, click the magnifying glass icon that corresponds to the template you would like to apply. In the screenshots below, we’ll be applying the California template.

In the window that follows, click the ‘Default’ button.

You’ll receive a confirmation message stating that the template has been applied.

You will also have to ensure this template applies to the appropriate location/areas. 

After setting as 'Default' click "Edit Record". 

Next select the relevant locations and areas.

When you create a shift in the Schedule tab, you’ll notice that the breaks will automatically populate based on the template you have applied.

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