Break Planning allows you to schedule, manage and track multiple employee breaks and break types in a single shift. Including Meal (unpaid) and rest (paid) breaks.

How to Schedule Breaks

Navigate to the Schedule tab and either add a shift via the plus (+) button..

..or edit an existing shift.

The shift edit modal will appear.

Under Meal Break and Rest Break, you can enter the number of minutes that the break goes for in 15 minute intervals, or you can click the box, click 'Add New' and select your own number of minutes for the break.

Enter the rest of the shift details, including employee, area, start/end times and any shift notes, then click 'Save'.

Adding Multiple Breaks and Break Times

You can further customise shift breaks. To do this, click the 'Break Details' drop-down.

More details will appear.

Under 'Type', you can select the type of break to add. By default, Meal Breaks are unpaid, while Rest Breaks are paid. You can change the names of paid and unpaid breaks in your location settings - for more details on how to do this please see the following section.

To edit the times when the break occurs/is meant to be taken, click the 'Set break start and end time' checkbox.

In its place, two boxes will appear where you can specify the break start and end times.

Simply add when you want the break to occur to continue.

To add additional breaks, simply click the 'Add Break' button.

This will add an additional break with the same details that you can edit.

To delete a break, simply click the 'Trash' icon as seen in the screenshot below:


Viewing Rest and Meal Breaks

If you add a start/end time to your breaks, you can view how this affects an employee’s schedule based on where it's placed. To view the breaks on a schedule line, simply change your Schedule view to either 'View: Area | Day' or 'View: Employee | Day' using the view selector at the top of the page.

Here, you can spot any gaps or overlaps in staffing. The following is the Employee Day view:

While the below is the Area Day view:


You can also see where the breaks occur in a single employee's shift. Simply edit an employees shift and under 'Break Details', click the graph icon.

Just under the list of breaks, a graph will appear. In solid grey are scheduled meal breaks, while grey lines represent scheduled rest breaks.




Rename/Relabel Breaks

You may call breaks other names specific to your industry or business. To change the names of breaks, click 'Hello, <your name>' in the top right-hand corner of Deputy, then click 'Business Settings'.

In the Custom Terms tab, change the text inside the Meal Break and Rest Break boxes. Click 'Apply Changes' when you're done.

This will then change the names displayed while Scheduling. In the screenshot below, Meal Breaks and Rest Breaks have been renamed to Food Break and Mandatory Break respectively.


Starting and Ending Your Break

iPad Kiosk/Android Time Clock

On the iPad Kiosk/Android Time Clock, after starting your shift, you can see the details of the break, including the start and end times, and the duration of that break type.

If the breaks do not have an assigned time, tapping 'Start Break' will bring up the following, where you can choose the type of break you will be taking.

Simply select the break you would like to take. Depending on the length of the assigned break, you will then see a break confirmation message with a reminder of the time your break ends.

If your breaks have assigned times, this will be displayed:

If you attempt to start or end a scheduled break, and your manager has break enforcement (‘Allow employees to end break early is turned off in Location Settings), the following will appear:

Web Browser

While in the Me tab, simply click 'Start Break'.

From here, you can select the break type. After selecting the correct break type, click 'Start Break'.

You will receive a confirmation that the break has started.

Custom Break Settings

To help ensure Break Planning works for the unique requirements of each business, we have introduced a series of location settings that allow you to control elements of the Break Planning experience. To amend these settings, head to the Locations tab and click ‘Edit Settings’ for the location you would like to edit.

Head to the Timesheets tab.

Now scroll to the bottom where you will find new toggles to play with.

Allow Employees to End Break Early

Enabling this will allow employees to end their break early. Disabling this will block employees from ending their break early (based on scheduled break duration).

Auto Suggest Breaks

Enabling this will automatically suggest break duration for breaks not taken by an employee at end of shift. Suggested break duration will be based off the employee's schedule. Disabling this will not automatically suggest break duration at end of shift.

Display Break Warnings

In 'Approve Timesheets', there will be timesheet warnings displayed for missed breaks & if breaks are shorter in duration than scheduled.

Amending and Approving Breaks in Timesheets

Breaks will appear in their respective break types within the Timesheet Approval section.

From here, you can confirm and edit break lengths and the times they were taken. You can also add additional breaks if necessary. Approve the timesheet if everything is correct.

If a break is planned and the employee does not start the break themselves before the shift is over, the timesheet will be ‘flagged’, which will mark the discrepancy between scheduled shift break and the time taken for the break. In the example screenshot below, the employee appears to have taken a 15 minute break when they were assigned 30 minutes.


If the timesheet is approved, this will appear in the Timesheet Summary, with a detailed explanation of the issue.

Please note, if you have the ‘Auto-approve’ timesheet extension turned on and there are flags in your timesheet, they will not auto-approve, as there may be an issue that requires your attention.

Break Templates (US only)

To make Break Planing a little easier for businesses operating in States with strict break laws, we’ve built shift templates to provide a guide for break requirements. To date we have templates for the following states:

  • Massachusetts

  • California

  • Washington

  • Oregon

When applied, these templates will automatically add meal and rest breaks to all new shifts created. These templates should only serve as a guide only however, and you should always consult local workplace legislation for the most accurate legal break requirements.

At present, we recommend you do not edit the detail in the Shift Templates tab.

How to Set Break Templates

To set break templates, navigate to Global Settings.

Under the Misc tab, select ‘Shift Templates’.

Here you will see a list of our current break templates. To apply a template to your account, click the magnifying glass icon that corresponds to the template you would like to apply. In the screenshots below, we’ll be applying the California template.

In the window that follows, click the ‘Default’ button.

You’ll receive a confirmation message stating that the template has been applied.

When you create a shift in the Schedule tab, you’ll notice that recommended breaks will automatically populate based on the template you have applied.

While these break templates have been built to reflect local break requirements, they should serve as a guide only. Please refer to your local workplace break law for the most accurate and current break requirements.

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