Using a file download, you can create a file export in Deputy to import into Extensis.

Before You Begin

Please ensure that your employees have a timesheet export code, and that it is no longer than five (5) characters.

Exporting to Extensis

Please ensure that you have some approved timesheets before you begin.

Now navigate to the Export Timesheets page, select the employees you would like to export, then click 'Export Selected Items'.

Select 'Extensis' from the payroll application drop-down list.

There are a number of boxes you may need to fill in, depending on your business setup:

  • Client ID

  • Code for Ordinary Hours

  • Code for any hours over 8 hours per day as 1.5 times

  • Code for any hours over 13 hours per day as 2 times

  • Code for over 40 hours a week as overtime, 1.5 times

  • Apply 7th day rule. If worked 7 consecutive days, first 8 hours paid as 1.5 times, and the rest as double

  • Apply a Sunday overtime code

  • Apply a Public Holiday overtime code

  • Code for Sick Leave taken

  • Code for Annual Leave take

When you are done, click 'Export'.

If you have employees who do not have a timesheet export code, or if it is over 5 characters, you will receive the following error message.

Please rectify these based within the 'Edit Employees' module.

If all is complete and you do not receive an error messages,  you will receive the following confirmation:

Click 'Download File'.

You will now be asked to save the export file (CSV) to your computer. Please ensure that it is in a location that you can easily find. The below is an example of the save prompt on a Mac (MacOS/OSX).

Click Save when you are done.

You can also check the file to cross-check it with Deputy and ensure that the values are correct. The file saves in a format (.txt) that is openable via Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac), and will look like the following:

You can now upload this file into Extensis.

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