Extending your trial gives you extra time to play around with the full features of Deputy. We've created games around basic Deputy functions which allows you to learn about fundamental features, and while giving you extra trial days.


You may notice the following at the top of your Deputy instance:

This is an indicator of your completed tasks and the ones that you can still complete to earn more trial days. 

The tasks include:

  • Adding Your Business Name

  • Booking time with a Deputy expert

  • Providing your contact number

  • Adding and inviting team members

  • Publishing a schedule

  • Approving timesheets

  • Logging into the mobile app

  • Selecting your paid plan

Clicking on a completed task will show you how many days have been added.

Clicking on an incomplete task will show you what you need to do to achieve this goal, with a button to bring you directly where you need to go to do this.

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