When you set up a free trial account with Deputy you can extend your trial period by completing tasks that help you to learn about how Deputy works, assists you to set up your account and rewards you with extra free trial days.

Earn Extra Free Trial Days by Completing Tasks

How to Complete a Task

Earn Free Days on the Deputy Mobile App

Earn extra free trial days by completing tasks

You can see how many days you have remaining on your free trial at the top of your Deputy trial account.

The collapsible menu at the bottom of the screen lists tasks that can be completed to earn extra free days on your trial.

The tasks include:

  • Name your business

  • Set up basic scheduling rules

  • Add your team members

  • Publish your first schedule

  • Approve hours works

  • Discover Deputy's mobile app

  • Book time with a Deputy expert

How to Complete a Task

1. Click on the task you would like to complete.

Tip: click the arrow to collapse the menu down when you don't want to see it.

2. Answer the questions that follow to configure your account to suit your own organisation.

3. When you are finished click Done.

4. As more tasks are completed, more free days are added to the trial

5. You can see the total number of days remaining on your free trial has increased.

Earn Free Days on the Deputy Mobile App

When logging into the Deputy mobile app for your trail account, you will see the task menu as well.

You can hide it by tapping on the X. If you need to check the task list later just tap on the Home screen.

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