This article is written for users with an access level of Location Manager or System Administrator and will cover:

Who Can Access Pay Rate Information in Deputy

Employees - can NOT view or edit pay rate information

Supervisors - can NOT view or edit pay rate information

Location Managers - can view and edit pay rate information for ONLY people they manage at their location

System Administrator - can view and edit ALL pay rate information

Why Assign Pay Rates in Deputy

Assigning pay rates to people:

  • Allows a schedule to be created with a better understanding of the wage costs for the business

  • Is required before people can have leave entitlements assigned to them

  • Ensures your people are paid correctly for the shifts they work

Assigning Pay Rates to a Single Team Member

On the People page and click on the team member you would like to assign pay rates to.

Seelct Employment from the left-hand menu and click on Edit.

In the Pay Details section of Employment you can see there are several options to configure:

Employment type

Select from Full time, Part time or Casual.

Note that if you select an Employment type of Casual you will need to add your casual loading rate into any base pay rate you enter to ensure overtime and penalty rates are paid correctly for casuals.

Pay rates - Hourly

If you select Hourly from the Pay rate drop down menu you have the option to enter a $ per hour for the Weekday base rate, Saturday rate, Sunday rate and Public Holiday Rate.

Pay rates - Hourly (1.5 x Overtime)

If you select Hourly (1.5 x Overtime) from the Pay rate drop down menu you have the option to enter a $ per hour for the base hourly rate and Deputy will calculate the overtime rate for every hour worked over 40hours.

If you wish to change the default from 40hours, there is also a field to do this, click on the purple working hours link.

Pay Rates - Salary

If you select Salary from the Pay rate drop down menu you have the option to enter a an Annual or Weekly Salary.

For the purposes of budgeting labor costs, there is also the option to allocate the cost of this salary according to this team member's scheduled hours and areas

Or you can allocate the cost to fixed areas for specific days of the week.

Pay Rates - Pay Rate Library / Awards (AU)

Deputy contains a pre-populated library of Australian Fair Work Awards, US Pay Rates plus others that you can apply to your team members.

Adding pay rates directly from our Pay Rate Library, and applying Awards (in Australia), to your team members' profiles allows Deputy to automate pay calculations.

You can select the correct Library Pay Rate by scrolling through the list in the Pay Rate dropdown or you may also find it easier to find the award you need by typing the abbreviation of the award name in the search field.

Once you have selected the correct award, simply enter the team member's ordinary base rate and it will automatically populate the other fields.

Note: In Australia, if you have chosen to use an award from our library, you only need to enter the base rate and the multipliers will be adjusted accordingly as shown below.

Sync Pay Rates from a Payroll Integration

If you are connected to a Payroll system via an Integration you can use the payroll system rates to sync to Deputy.

If you are already connected to an Integration, such as Xero shown in this example, you can select it from the Pay Rate drop down menu and enter a Timesheet export code and activate the relevant extensions.

Note that if you are using Australian Awards to pay your staff, please read more about Xero integrations before syncing pay rates with Xero as we recommend to use Deputy Awards Library pay rates as the source of truth.

Don't forget to click Save when you are done setting Pay Rates.

Bulk Edit Team member Pay Rates

If you have multiple team members on the same pay rates, you can enter this via Bulk actions on the People page.

Simply select the team members you wish to edit, click the Bulk actions drop-down menu at the top of your team member list, then click Set rates.

In the pop-up, select the pay structure you would like to apply, then enter the pay rates you would like to set according to the options described previously.

Click Save when you are done.

Assign Different Pay Rates to Team Members that work in Multiple Areas - Pay by Area

It’s commonplace to have team members qualified to work across different roles and responsibilities in one organisation.

For example, Alyssa works in both 'Drive-Thru' and 'Delivery' and will be paid two different rates depending on which area she works.

Use Pay by Area to allow team members to flexibly move between roles while ensuring they’re paid correctly for the work they’re performing in each role.

Please read more about setting up Pay by Area in your Deputy account.

Set up Payroll ID code

You can also set your team member's Payroll ID code. This allows you to properly export your team member timesheets to your payroll solution if it requires export code matching.

Click Save when you are done.

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