Once you have created the shifts for your schedule, you will need to publish them so that your team members can see the shifts in their schedules.

To create and publish shifts you need to have an access level of Supervisor, Location Manager or System Administrator.

How do I know I have shifts to publish?

There are two ways you can tell a shift has not been published yet and therefore not visible to your team.

1. Unpublished shifts in the schedule are coloured grey but published shifts are coloured green.

2. The purple Publish shifts button on the top right-hand side of the screen shows a total of how many shifts need to be published on this schedule view.

The button has turned to green when all shifts on this schedule view are published.

How to publish shifts

On the Schedule tab that has shifts ready to publish, click on the purple Publish X Shifts button on the top right of the screen.

Note: you are only publishing the shifts currently displayed on this schedule view so ensure you have selected the correct location and date range.

Select your publish type

1. You can choose from:

  • Publish updates: This option is for managers who are amending already completed schedules. This means that if some shifts have already been published, it will only alert team members about schedule amendments.

  • Publish all: all team members on this schedule will be notified regardless of whether their shift was changed or not.

2. Click Next.

Select your work areas to publish

1. Tick your work areas to select/deselect the various work areas to publish shifts for.

See also Publishing tips for more information about hiding areas on the schedule.

2. Click Next.

Select your notification type

1. You can choose from:

  • Require confirmation (SMS, email, app) - This will send out an email and SMS, provided they have a mobile number entered in their profile. Confirmation requires the team member to accept or decline the shifts by clicking a link sent to their email or replying to the Deputy SMS. Read more at Shift confirmation.

  • Notify (SMS, email, app) - The team member will receive a notification via Email, SMS and a push notification via the Deputy mobile app.

  • Notify (Email and app only) - No SMS will be sent, just a shift notification via email and Deputy mobile app.

  • Mark as published (team members not notified) - Will not notify employees, but will turn the shifts green and visible to team members when checking Deputy via the website, Kiosk and mobile apps.

2. Click Publish.

Note: Sending SMS notifications from Deputy will incur costs. The ability to send SMS notifications from Deputy may be globally disabled by your System Administrator.

Read more about SMS notifications including what shift information is sent when publishing shifts.

Publishing Tips

Hide Areas

When viewing the Schedule in any Area view you have the ability to hide specific work areas. As you hide work areas with unpublished shifts you can see the total number of shifts requiring to be published is reduced by the number in the hidden area.

Furthermore, when you click on the Publish shifts button, this hidden area is not available in the list to choose from when publishing shifts.

In the example below, there were 94 shifts ready to publish until the area "Pop up Van" is hidden reducing the shift number to 84. Furthermore, when publishing shifts the "Pop up Van" work area is not available to select from the work area list to publish.

To see all shifts required to be published, ensure no work areas are hidden on the Schedule view.

How to only notify a single team member of shifts

In some instances, you may wish to have the ability to publish and notify a single team member of their shifts. You can do this using the Team member view to publish the shift.

1. View the Schedule by team member

2. Type the team member's name in the list on the left-hand side of the Schedule

3. Only the team member's shifts will be displayed allowing you to only publish those shifts.

In the example below, "Ben" is typed into the Week by Team member schedule view and only his shifts can then be published.

Notifying a team member when they've been removed from a published shift

If you would like Deputy to notify your team members when you remove a published shift, Location Managers and System Administrators can enable this setting.

1. Edit the Location settings and click on the Schedule settings page to enable the setting Send notification to team member when shifts are removed.

2. Selecting the Email and smartphone push notifications option will send your team members a notification when published shifts have been removed.

Team members using the Deputy website will receive the notification as an email. Team members logged into the mobile app will receive a push notification.

3. Click on Save.

Read more at Customise your Schedule settings.

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