If you already have a payroll system such as Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, Gusto, MYOB, ADP or WageEasy, you can export your payroll file from these systems and populate an Excel file to then import your team into Deputy.

Note: if you don't have a payroll system to export from, you can still use the import template to collate all of your team member's details into a spreadsheet if you prefer and import them into Deputy in this way.

  1. Create your spreadsheet

  2. Import your team members to Deputy

1. Create your spreadsheet

1. Export your team members' details from your existing payroll system into an excel or csv file.

2. Download our import template.

3. Using the information in the file you exported from your payroll system you can copy and paste the information into the import template. Or just type the information in manually if you don't have a payroll system to export from.

Don't forget to delete the 'sample' person already in the template.

Complete the fields with this information for each team member but don't change the field headers.

Note: you don't have to complete every field for all team members

First name

your team member's legal first name

Last Name

your team member's legal last name

Time Card number

also referred to as Payroll ID within Deputy this is a unique identifier you can assign to each team member to ensure they match up in your payroll system using this number


your team member's email address

Mobile number

your team member's mobile or cell phone number

Birth Date

your team member's date of birth in format YYY-MM-DD


your team member's employment start date in format YYY-MM-DD


the hourly rate you pay your team member on a weekday shift


the hourly rate you pay your team member on a Saturday shift


the hourly rate you pay your team member on a Sunday shift

Public Holiday

the hourly rate you pay your team member on a Public Holiday shift

4. Save your spreadsheet as a .csv file.

2. Import your team members into Deputy

1. On the People tab, click on Add People, then select Add / import multiple people.

2. On the Add new people pop-up, select your location from the drop-down menu that you want your people to be imported into. Note that this selection will add all people you import to this location as their primary location but you can add them to other locations or even change their primary work location later by editing their profile.

3. Click on the Import or Upload a file drop-down.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to select Excel.

5. A pop-up to upload file from Excel will appear. You can ignore the instructions to open the sample file as we have already completed that step. Click Browse and select your saved .csv file.

6. A message will appear to let you know when the file is ready to upload. You can click on the bin icon to delete the file and select another or click Upload file.

7. You can see that your team members' information from your spreadsheet has populated the Add new people pop up. Ensure the location you have selected is correct.

8. Once you are ready to add them to Deputy choose whether or not you are ready for the team members to be emailed an invite to Deputy (you can also choose to do this later in bulk if you prefer) and then click on Add people.

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