What are Locations

Locations are the ways to sort and identify your business's workplaces by their geographical location.

Locations are necessary for team members that are starting their shift via the Deputy mobile application.

You can read more about how Locations fit into your business in Organisations, Locations, and Areas Setup.

How To Add a New Location

1. To configure your organisation's locations, click on Locations in the top navigation bar.

2. Click Add Location to add a new location.

3. Give your location a name and enter the address. This will help in terms of location settings and team members clocking in via the Deputy smartphone app. You can also set what day of the week your schedule starts in this location. Click Next.

3. Enter in your areas of work, departments or roles that you schedule for. You can enter a physical address if the work area is away from the location address you entered previously. You can always edit or add to these Area names later if you want to change them. Click Next.

4. Enter the names of the team members who work in this Location. You can enter them manually, or import them from a payroll provide or file. You can enter their email address or phones numbers now or later.

If you aren't ready to invite these team members to log into Deputy just yet then you can toggle OFF the invitation email setting and invite them later when you are ready.

If you already have team members in Deputy that are working at another location in your organisation and you want them to work at this new location, don't add them at this step. It's easy to add them in bulk later.

Once you are ready click Add Location and Deputy will create your new location in your account.

How to Edit an Existing Location

1. To configure your organisation's location settings, click on Locations in the top navigation bar.

2. If you have already set up a business via the free Deputy trial, you can click Edit Settings to configure the location.

3. Click on General from the list on the left to set or edit:

  • Location name

  • Location code

  • Location address

  • Location Timezone

  • Operating Hours and Days

  • Location Notes including attachments that can be made visible to team members when scheduled on a shift in this location.

4. Click on Areas from the list on the left to set or edit:

  • Area names

  • Area colours (assists when scheduling)

  • Training requirements to work in this area

  • The physical address of the Area (if different from overall Location address)

  • Preferred team members for this Area

  • Whether shifts scheduled in this area count towards worked time

  • Area export codes for exporting to payroll

5. You can also configure the Scheduling settings and Timesheet settings specific to this Location.

Tips and Tricks

  • Entering the Location's operating days and hours accurately assists with Smart Scheduling

  • Entering the business location as accurately as possible will ensure that not only will the locations page be easy to navigate, but will make sure that team members are able to clock in via the Deputy mobile app accurately. Managers can even set up a notification to be informed when team members clock in for their shift too far away from the set work location.

  • List every area that a team member can work in to allow for full coverage of all your business

  • Once you have set up one location, you might like to use our duplicate location feature to save time in setting up other locations.

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