Locations are the ways to sort and identify your businesses by their geographical location. Locations are necessary for team members that are starting their shift via the smartphone application.

To change your business location, click on ‘Locations’ in the top navigation bar.

If you have already set up a business via the sign-up process, you can click ‘Edit Settings’ to change the location. If not, click the ‘Add Location’ button.

From there, you will be asked to give a name to the location, as well as the address. This will help in terms of location settings and clocking in via the Deputy smartphone app.

Once you have entered in this data, you will need to enter in the different areas of the location in which team members can work. In the example, The Spire has the 'Hatchery', 'Support' and 'Repairs' Areas, all of which was, or can be, created during the setup process. Even though they are the same rules, you will still need to input each one manually.

Now we can add our team members into the system. It’s possible that one team member can work at multiple locations, so if they are already into the system, there is no need to enter their names here if they’ve been added in an earlier step. This also helps prevent duplicate team member entries in the system.

In this next page, you can manually enter each team member’s names. Optionally, you can enter their mobile number and email address, this is for Deputy email invite purposes. If you need more spaces to add extra team members, simply click the ‘Add More’ button.

After that, the system will load the new data into Deputy and you’ll be redirected to the Locations tab with the new location in place.

Helpful tips for location and area creation

  • Entering the business location as accurately as possible will ensure that not only will the locations page be easy to navigate, but will make sure that you are able to use mobile clock-ins.

  • List every area that an team member can work in to allow for full coverage of all your businesses

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