This guide will outline and interpret the [MA000065] Professional Employees Award.

We have built these awards in line with the weekly interpretation as provided by Fair Work.

PEA Interpretation

There are 3 sectors for this award;

  • Full Time

  • Part Time

  • Casual

***Important Note for Casual Employees: The 25% casual loading has not been included in this award. Employers should add the 25% casual loading to each casual employee's base hourly rate in Deputy for proper functioning of the award.***

Full-Time & Part-Time

  • M-Sun & PH Ordinary @ 1.00x


  • M-Sun & PH Ordinary @ 1.00x

  • M-Sun & PH Minimum Shift Engagement @ 1.00x

Allowances - Not Automated

  • Vehicle Allowance - Up To ATO Limit

  • Vehicle Allowance - Above ATO Limit

To add the allowances into the export please follow the below instructions;

Approve the timesheet and unapprove the pay.

Add in the shift loading and number of units/hours.

Approve the pay.

Conditions that have not been included

Who is affected What should happen Can this be done in Deputy

  • Who is Affected: All employees. Automated Allowances, these can be done in Enterprise.

  • Who is Affected: All Employees. Compensation for excess of ordinary hours, this is the responsibility of employers.

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