This article will run you through the [MA000080] Amusement, Events, and Recreation Award, also known as AERA.

We have built these awards in line with the weekly interpretation as provided by Fair Work.

AERA Interpretation

There are 2 sectors for Full-Time;

  • Full Time - Exhibition
  • Full Time - Non Exhibition

There are 2 sectors for Part-Time - All Part Timers must be paid for a minimum of 3 hours;

  • Part Time - Exhibition
  • Part Time - Non Exhibition

There are 2 sectors for Casuals - All casuals must be paid for a minimum of 3 hours;

  • Casual - Exhibition
  • Casual - Non Exhibition

Full Time

Full-Time - Non Exhibition

Full Time - Exhibition

Part Time

Part Time - Non Exhibition 

Part Time - Exhibition


Casual - Non Exhibition

Casual - Exhibition

Allowances - Not Automated

  • CAS - Cancelled Shift Allowance (You will only need to put 1 hour as this has a multiplier of 3 to make the minimum of 3 hours)
  • First Aid Allowance
  • In Charge Allowance (In charge of Golf Links, Bowling Greens or Lawn Tennis Courts)
  • Laundry Allowance
  • Meal Allowance
  • Tool Allowance - Carpenter
  • Tool Allowance - Non-Carpenter
  • Tractor Plant Allowance
  • Vehicle Allowance - non-delivery drivers (Up to ATO limit)
  • Vehicle Allowance - non-delivery drivers (Above ATO limit)

To add the allowances into the export please follow the below instructions;

Approve the timesheet, and unapprove the pay.

Add in the shift loading and number of units/hours.

Approve the pay items.

Conditions that have not been included

Who is affected What should happen Can this be done in Deputy 

  • All Employees - Higher Duties: If an employee works at a higher classification, pay the higher rate - This can be done in Premium through Area based pay. 
  • Part Time Employees - Overtime should be calculating at the employee’s “Ordinary Hours” per week, rather than at 38 hours. - This can be done in Enterprise. 
  • All employees - Automated Allowances - This can be done in Enterprise 
  • Full Time and Part Time Exhibition Employees (means employees engaged in the supply, preparation, marking out, fabrication, installation, erection or dismantling of exhibition stands or associated componentry for the trades and public promotions industry) - 76 Hours in a fortnight overtime - Cannot be built as we cannot define the original Fortnightly Schedule in a Premium Package - to do this you will need to go to Enterprise 
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