Getting Started

Please contact Redcat support to retrieve the URL needed to log in. You will need this to be able to connect the integration.

If you change your password within Redcat, this will unauthorize the integration's connection, and you will need to complete the authentication steps again to reconnect Redcat to Deputy.

Integrating with Redcat

Read Connecting New Integrations for an introduction to connecting to third party systems. Once you have selected Redcat, pop-up will appear where you will need to enter your URL, your username and password to create the connection.

As noted above, you will need to contact Redcat to retrieve your URL.

Synced Data

There are two types of data that is synced:

  • Import Employee > Sync Employee

  • Import Sales > Sync Sales

Click 'Authorize' .

Please note that this integration is a push from Redcat, which means all data that is created in Redcat is pushed into Deputy. Editing an employee in Deputy will not sync over.

Import Employee > Sync Employee

When this integration is run, this will create any employees within Redcat to Deputy. The following is copied over:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Phone Number

The employee's email address is its unique identifier, therefore, you can edit an employee's details as many times as you want, however, if you change their email address, this will create a new record.

Import Sales > Sync Sales

This function will sync all sales data created in the point of sales system and add this sales data into Deputy.

The following sales data is imported into Deputy:

  • Sales Reference

  • Sales Amount

  • Sales Timestamp

Please note that the current integration does not match site names, so all sales made in Redcat will be added to all locations within Deputy.

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