This guide shows how to delete an employee from your Deputy account.

Please note that the ability to delete and remove an employee’s data from your Deputy account will be available prior to the 25th of May 2018.

Getting Started

You can only delete an employee if the employee has been archived first. To archive an employee, you must ensure that they do not have any outstanding timesheets to be approved, or shifts that need to be worked. For more information about archiving and unarchiving employees, check out our help guide here.

Please note that deleting an employee is FINAL. This removes all data about the employee stored within your Deputy installation.

Delete an Employee

To delete an employee, navigate to the People page and filter by 'Status > Archived'.

Next to the employee you would like to delete, click the 'Options' dropdown and click the 'Delete' button.

A prompt will appear, displaying all the information that will be deleted. This includes schedules, timesheets, tasks, and journals. Confirm the deletion by clicking 'I understand, proceed with delete'.

Alternatively, you can enter the employee's profile. After opening the employee's profile, the 'Delete' button will appear in the 'Personal Details' tab next to the 'Unarchive' and 'Journal' buttons.

You will receive a confirmation email after deleting the employee.

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