This guide will show you the process of connecting your Lightspeed Restaurant account to Deputy. 

Deputy does not integrate with LightSpeed Retail at this time.

Getting Started

Make sure you have your Lightspeed credentials handy to connect Lightspeed.

Integrating with Lightspeed and Connecting Your Account

Read Connecting New Integrations for an introduction to connecting to third party systems. Once you have selected Lightspeed Restaurants you will be prompted to log in using your Lightspeed Restaurant credentials and allow Deputy to access.

Two new options will appear in your integrations list:

  • New User > Add Employee

  • New Order > Create Sale

Click 'Activate' to begin the log in process.

Syncing Data

The following shows the data that can be synced between Lightspeed and Deputy.

New User > Add Employee

When you create a new employee in Lightspeed, it will create the employee within Deputy as well. This integration will sync first name, last name, email address and phone number.

New Order > Create Sale

This integration will pull sales data made in the Lightspeed POS iPad app into your Deputy account. This will allow you to schedule employees in line with actual sales data.

Frequently asked questions

Does Deputy integrate with LightSpeed Retail?

Not at this time.

Which version of LightSpeed Restaurant do you integrate with?

LightSpeed L-series.

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