Connecting Lightspeed Kounta POS and Deputy in Under 2 Minutes

If you are using Lightspeed Kounta POS as your Point of Sales (POS) solution, and you haven’t connected it to your Deputy account yet - here’s what you’re missing out on:

  • Reduced labour costs by scheduling employees based on real-time Sales Feed from Lightspeed Kounta POS

  • Each time an employee clocks on and off using Lightspeed Kounta POS, Deputy automatically creates a timesheet for them 

  • Employee details are automatically synced between Lightspeed Kounta POS and Deputy, so you'll only ever need to update them in one place  

Read Connecting New Integrations for an introduction to connecting to third party systems.

Select the integration you would like to activate.

A pop-up will appear when you click this. Enter your Kounta login details to proceed.

For further help on integrating with Lightspeed Kounta POS Kounta, please refer to our Kounta help guide

If you need any additional help or if you have any further questions about connecting your Lightspeed Kounta POS Kounta account, our support team is available 24/7 to assist with any inquiries. Happy rostering!

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