Connecting Deputy to Xero

If you are using Xero for your business in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK you can quickly connect Deputy to your Xero Organisation.

Before getting started

In Deputy - ensure you have:

  1. Location Manager or System Administrator level of access to your Deputy business

In Xero - ensure you have:

  1. At least one active Organisation within Xero AU, NZ, or UK

  2. Payroll Admin or higher level of access to your Xero Organisation

  3. Configured your Xero payroll settings (

Establishing the connection to Xero

Connections to any payroll provider are made from a Deputy Location.

Read Connecting New Integrations for an introduction to connecting integrations. For more information read Connect to and Export to Xero. If you have multiple business files in Xero you will need to know how to select the correct one.

Next steps

Now that you have established a connection to Xero, you may want to:

  1. Sync your onboarded employees between Deputy and Xero

  2. Learn about exporting to Xero for Australia, the UK, and New Zealand

  3. Read more about Award interpretation for Xero Australia

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