Creating Shift Questions

To create a Shift Question, head to your 'Business Settings'.

Now click the 'Timesheets' tab, then click 'Shift Questions'.

A pop-up will appear. Here, you can add the new field, where you can create the field name, the new API name, if validation is required, and any tooltip help text you may want to add to the custom timesheet field.

In this box, you can also select which areas to apply this field to. In the example above, a 'Tips received' field was created. Naturally, this would apply to floor staff and servers. In the below image, we've selected the relevant areas to apply this custom field to.

When you are done, click 'Save This Custom Field' at the top of the page to confirm your changes.

Shift Questions - where these questions are surfaced

This is a list of ways to enter data into these fields:

Web App

Submitting Timesheets

After clicking 'End Shift' on the Me tab, you will see the following modal, which allows you to enter a Shift Question into the timesheet.

Approving Timesheets

To view these new fields in the web app, head to the 'Timesheet Approval' screen:

In the image above, we can see the employee is working in one of the areas selected previously. In the image, the tooltip help text also appears next to the Shift Question.


Submitting Timesheets

After tapping 'End Shift', the Shift Question field will appear on the 'End Shift' screen.

Approving Timesheets

To view the field, head to an eligible timesheet. The new Shift Question will appear under the total shift time.


Submitting Timesheets

When submitting a timesheet, you may be presented with the option to add a value to a custom field. The field will be in the image as displayed below.

Approving Timesheets

To enter a value in the Shift Question, head to the Schedule tab on your iPhone, then tap an unapproved timesheet.


Submitting via iPad Kiosk

When ending your shift, you can enter a value into the Shift Question.

Submitting via iPad Deputy App (non-kiosk)

When ending your shift via the iPad Deputy app (non-kiosk version), simply end your shift, then, on the following screen, enter the value in the Shift Question.

Approving via iPad Deputy App (non-kiosk)

You can approve timesheets that contain Shift Questions as well, as seen in the screenshot below.

Shift Question Triggers

Triggers can be activated to display the created Shift Question. To do this, create/edit a Shift Question. Under the 'Display with Script' section, you can select three triggers:

  • N/A - Will show the Shift Questions

  • Display custom field when timesheet has no break - Will show the custom field if no value is added under break, or the employee has not started a break

  • Display custom field when timesheet is 60 minutes shorter than scheduled - Will display the custom field if the shift ends early, e.g. employee clocks off at 4 pm when the scheduled shift ends at 5 pm

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