How can I add a team member to multiple Locations?

You can assign an employee to multiple locations by editing their profile on the People page and selecting Employment then clicking on Edit to add the new location to the "Works at" module.

You can also perform it by selecting the required team member(s) in the list on the People page and clicking on Add Location in the Bulk Actions drop-down menu.

How can we archive team members?

After removing the team member from future schedules and resolving past timesheets, open the People page.

Scroll down to the team member you wish to archive, then click ... options button on the right. Select Archive Employee.

If the team member is OK to archive you will receive a message letting you know what will happen when you archive. Click on Archive Employees to archive.

Read more about Archiving Team Members at Archiving and Unarchiving Team Members.

How can we unarchive employees?

To unarchive a team member, go to the People page. Click on the Filters drop-down menu so you can set the status to "Archived" as shown below.

This will display all archived team members. Scroll down the list until you find the team member you'd like to unarchive. Next, click the ... options button to the right, then Unarchive Employee.

You'll see a popup window. Enter the team member's email address and click Unarchive.

Read more about Archiving Team Members at Archiving and Unarchiving Team Members.

Why can't I archive a team member?

Sometimes you will be unable to archive an employee, usually, the main cause of this is because the team member still has shifts or timesheets outstanding.

To archive an employee you first need to remove all their shifts from the schedule and ensure they are not currently on shift. Once all their shifts have been deleted or reassigned you will be able to archive the employee.

You will also need to approve or discard all timesheets for this team member before you can archive them.

If you are still facing problems archiving an employee please contact our helpful 24/7 support team.

Can I permanently delete a team member?

Yes, however deleting a team member will remove all of their data and can not be restored. Read more at Deleting an Employee's Deputy Account.

How can we sort the way the team members are listed?

It's not possible to sort names alphabetically by Last Name on the People page but you can:

  • use the search bar

  • apply specific filters

that will allow you to find the team member you are looking for.

How can we add/import multiple people?

There are several ways you can add multiple people at once to your Deputy organisation including:

To read more about adding multiple team members read Adding Team Members.

How do I view all pay rates?

Only users with an access level of System Administrator and Location Manager (for team members at that Location) can view payrates.

To view all pay rates for your team members go to the People page, and click the Display drop-down menu. Select pay rates and your people page will display all your pay rates like so:

Here you can see which employees are on payrate library / award rates, which employees are on entered rates, and which employees are synced to a payroll integration rate.

I can’t add a team member. It says the email address has been used.

Typically when you add a team member and get this error it means that someone within your pre-existing employees is using that same email.

Check to see if this team member is already added to your organisation or possibly another team member (such as a family member) is using the same email address.

Enter the email address in the search bar on the People page and ensure you have selected the filter to show All team members (including archived). Does the email address appear for an existing team member?

Can I assign multiple pay rates to team members?

You can use Pay by Area to assign different rates to a team members profile depending on where they work in your organisation.

How can I see all archived employees?

To view archived employees navigate to the People page and select the Filters drop-down on the top left and select Archived.

How do I resend an invite?

An invite can only be resent to a team member who has not yet accepted their invitation to join your organisation in Deputy. You can see on the People page that they have invited in red under their name.

To resend an invite to these employees simply click on the ... option button and click on Resend invitation in the drop-down.

How do I know if a team member has accepted the invite?

On the People page, you can view which team members have accepted the invitation to join Deputy.

In the above example, you can see:

  • the red invited text under the team members name means they have been invited but not accepted the invitation to join. You can resend the invite if you need to.

  • the red no invitation sent text under the team members name means they have not been invited yet. You will need to add their email to their profile to send them an invitation.

  • where a team member has no text under their name, it means they have received and accepted the invitation. You can't resend it again if they have already accepted an invitation.

Why can't I resend an invite?

If you are unable to resend an invitation to an employee it is because they have already accepted it in the past. In this case, the employee will need to use the forgot my password function to regain access to their account. If your employee is still having trouble gaining access to their Deputy account please contact our 24/7 support agents.

How can I see all team members working on a shift at each location?

You can view the team members working at each location by navigating to Location and selecting the team member list of the location you are interested in from the drop-down menu on the right.

When you click on the message icon you can send a real-time message to all team members currently on shift at the location selected in the drop-down.

Is there an option to create custom roles/job titles for employees in Trial and Premium?

Currently with the Trial, Premium and Flexi versions of Deputy you are unable to create custom roles and job titles. If you wish to create custom roles you will need to contact our support team who can walk you through our custom role process. Please note, the creation of new titles may incur custom work fees.

Why can't I edit the email address and phone number for the employee?

If a team member has already accepted their invite you will be unable to edit their personal details for security reasons. These details can only be changed by the team member themselves.

Can I restrict my team members from seeing each other’s contact details?

A team member with access level assigned as employee will not have access to other team members contact details but can contact other team members at their location via the news feed posts feature.

A team member that is assigned as a Supervisor or Location Manager will be able to view team members’ contact details for only the team members they manage.

A team member that is assigned as a System Administrator will be able to view all team members’ contact details.

Can I not be billed for a temp user?

All team members are considered active for the purposes of billing whether they are temporary to your organisation or not.

If you have a high proportion of temporary users in your organisation, you may be interested in reading Flexi Plan - FAQ.

On our Flexi plan, a team member is considered ‘active’ when any of the following occur:

  • A shift has been published for the team member

  • A timesheet has been submitted by the team member

  • The team member has had a timesheet approved

  • The team member has performed management functions such as creating a schedule, approving timesheets or leave, exporting payroll information, managing tasks, creating journal entries or reviewing reports

Can I view who has Payroll ID codes entered?

Payroll IDs are the unique ID assigned to team members to match them to your payroll system.

To view all Payroll IDs for your team members on the People page, select the Payroll IDs option from the Display drop-down menu.

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