Within Deputy, you can now block out unavailability and leave so your employees cannot book in non-working days. For example, a situation may arise where you need all employees available for a specific day. This guide will teach you how to block out those days.

Block Out Unavailability and Leave

To set up an unavailability/leave block out, simply head to the schedule page.

Select the location you want to block. Time off requests apply at the location level and for all areas under that location. (Note: It is not possible to block time off only for a specific area.)

Now go to the day you wish to be blocked out and click the drop-down box. In the example image below, Saturday 28th will be blocked out.

Now click the 'Block Time Off Requests' checkbox. When you click this, you will notice that a new icon appear, as shown below. 

This will confirm the day's blocked out unavailability, and will also block out leave requests

What Happens When an Employee Tries to Apply for Unavailability/Request Leave on a Blocked Out Day?

If an employee (or any access level below System Admin) attempts to add unavailability or request leave on a blocked out day, they will receive a message and the request will not go through. For example, an employee attempted to set their unavailability on the 28th, when they were greeted with the following:

While an employee requesting leave will see the following:

PLEASE NOTE: If an employee's set unavailability or leave request predates the checkbox being marked, the employee's request will take priority over the block out. If it is urgent, a system administrator or manager may need to unapprove the leave request.

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