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Why Block Future Time Off Requests?

A situation may arise where you need all employees available for a specific day.

As a manager (Location Manager or System Administrator in Deputy) you can block out certain dates in your schedule so that employees are unable to add these dates as being unavailable or request leave.

How to Block Future Time Off Requests

To block time off requests, go to the Schedule page and select the Location you wish to apply the block to. Time off requests apply at the location level and for all areas under that location. It is not possible to block time off only for a specific area.

Now go to the day you wish to be blocked out and click the drop-down next to the date. In the example below, Wednesday 28th has been selected and you can see that two staff members are already unavailable for this date. Future requests for unavailability and leave requests on this date will now be blocked.

When you click the Block Time Off Requests checkbox you will notice that the date header in the schedule will be coloured with a grey stripe. This will remain in the schedule to show that you have blocked out unavailability, and will also block out future leave requests on this date.

What Happens When Employees Request Time Off on a Blocked Date

If an employee (or any access level below System Administrator) attempts to add unavailability or a request for eave on a blocked out day, they will receive a message and the request will not be accepted.

For example, if an employee attempts to set their unavailability on the 28th July, they will receive the following message and be unable to submit the request:

An employee requesting leave on a blocked date will see the following message:


What happens to leave or unavailability that has been requested BEFORE the manager blocked time off requests on the date?

Unavailability that was entered or leave that was approved for the blocked date BEFORE the block was set in the schedule will take precedence. In this scenario, the unavailability and leave will remain in the schedule and only future requests are blocked.

How do I remove previously approved leave from the newly blocked date if it is urgent that the employee now works on that date?

In consultation with the employee, you can unapprove and then decline the leave or delete the employee's unavailability on the blocked date.

What happens if I have blocked out a specific date from time off requests but then an employee unexpectedly needs to take sick leave that day?

System administrators and Location Managers are still able to enter leave for employees on dates that are blocked for time off requests.

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