This article will walk you through our BambooHR integration.

Connecting to Your BambooHR Account

First, we'll need to connect your Deputy account to your BambooHR account. To do this, navigate to the Location page in Deputy, and click 'Edit Settings' for the location you would like to connect.

Click the 'Notifications & Integrations' tab. You may need to click "Edit Services," to view Integrations. 

Ensure that BambooHR is selected, and click "Save."

You will see the following new additions to your Integrations list. Click 'Authorize' on any of these.

A pop-up window will appear. Simply enter your credentials to continue.

Developer Note

You cannot import/sync an employee if their start date is in the future. If you wish to import an employee, and you enter in hire dates for your employees, please ensure that the hire dates have been fixed and they are not set in the future.

Available Functions

New User > Add Employee

Our integration allows for two different types of New User sync:

  • Legacy Sync
  • Active Sync

Active Sync

Active sync will attempt to find the following data to sync with the employee's Deputy profile:

  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Start date
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Phone
  • Street/Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Postcode

Legacy Sync

Selecting this option will only carry over basic employee data from BambooHR to Deputy. This includes:

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Phone number

Assign Employee with Deputy Location(s) as defined by BambooHR toggle

You can now add and remove employees from different Deputy locations from within BambooHR with the click of a button.

Setting this up requires you to send an email to BambooHR support with the following content:

Please note that the person sending the request to BambooHR must have Admin Level access for the request to be approved.

Custom Field Request - Multiple Selection List field
Content:Hi Support Team,

Please create a multiple selection list custom field where we can add/assign multiple locations to an employee so as to maintain the link between the employee’s assigned location(s) in our BambooHR/Deputy integration.

Field Label: Deputy Locations
fieldID: customDeputyLocations
Location of Field: Job Information Table on the Job Tab

For additional information about this request, please read BambooHR ticket 383420 as a reference.

If you could inform us when this task has been completed, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Typically it will take 24 hours for BambooHR to complete your request.

Add Locations

Once you receive a response that the requested has been completed. You now need to configure the new field with your Deputy Locations.

Navigate to the settings by clicking on the Gear Icon as shown below.

Once in the company settings, click on the 'Employee Fields' and then ensure that 'Custom Fields' now has an entry titled 'Deputy Locations'.

The 'Deputy Locations' is where you add the locations that you see in Deputy. Please ensure when you type the location name it is an exact match for what is in Deputy.

Assigning a Deputy Location to the employee in BambooHR

You will see new checkboxes in each employee's BambooHR profile. In this example, Steven Rogers' only has 'Deputy Medical Group' checked as his Location within BambooHR:

This is reflected in his Deputy profile as such:

Below, we will select Deputy Medical Group and Deputy General Hospital in BambooHR:

This will now be reflected in Steven's Deputy profile, and he will be assigned to the appropriate locations.

To run the sync manually, you simply need to head to the Integrations page within  Location Settings, select/Edit the New User > Add Employee extension and click 'Run Now'.

Exporting to BambooHR

Using standard rates in Deputy, we can now export timesheets to BambooHR for viewing in the Time Tracking Summary Report.

Please note: Our BambooHR export feature is only compatible with USA accounts.

First, edit an employee's profile and add a pay rate to their profile. In this example, we'll add the CPSA 2010 - Casual award to this employee.

Remember to hit 'Save Details' when you're done.

Additional note: You cannot export an employee if their start date is in the future. If you wish to export an employee, and you enter in hire dates for your employees, please ensure that the hire dates have been fixed and they are not set in the future.

Now, after this employee has completed a shift and you have approved the timesheet, export the timesheet. Now click on any employee's timesheet, then click 'Group by Pay Rate'. Ensure that the export code for Regular rates is 'REG', and the code for overtime is 'OT'. This will ensure that BambooHR will be able to read the rates and import it correctly.

Now click 'Export Selected Items', and select 'BambooHR Payroll Export' from the dropdown list. Enter your BambooHR details, including your URL, domain name, username, and password. When these are entered, click 'Export'.

A progress bar will appear which will update you on the progress of the export.

To see these timesheets withing BambooHR, log into your account, then click the 'Reports' tab.

Scroll down until you see 'Time Tracking Summary'. Click this.

In this report, you can confirm the timesheets that have been exported via Deputy.

BambooHR Extensions

Approved Leave > Export Leave

Selecting this will push approved leave timesheets as exported from Deputy and update the leave balances from within BambooHR.

Import Leave Balance > Sync Leave Balance

Selecting this integration/extension will allow you to import leave balances from BambooHR and will sync this total with the leave balance as shown in Deputy. For more information about Deputy Leave Balance and Accrual, visit our Leave Balance help guide.


To ensure that the extensions above work, please note the leave name mapping displayed in the table below. Ensure to only use the BambooHR Leave Name listed on the table. The values under 'Deputy Leave Name' will appear in Deputy after a successful sync.

BambooHR Leave Name - Deputy Leave Name - Deputy Leave Code 

  • Vacation - Annual Leave (Vacation) - dp_annual_leave 
  • Sick - Sick (Personal/Carer's) Leave - dp_sick_leave 
  • Bereavement - Bereavement (Compassionate) Leave - dp_bereavement_leave 
  • Comp/In Lieu Time - Time Off In Lieu - dp_rdo_leave 
  • FMLA Unpaid Leave - Leave; Unpaid Leave - Sick; Unpaid Leave - No Show* UNPAID PTO Annual Leave (Vacation) - dp_annual_leave 
  • - FMLA mapping shows three names, when this leave type syncs, the leave name will automatically assign the first UNPAID leave name on your unpaid leave types in Deputy.
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