This article outlines the most frequently asked questions we've received about our Deputy iPad Kiosk, including setup, retrieving your PIN, offline/connection settings, and facial recognition.

Kiosk FAQ

Is the Kiosk available on Android tablets?

Yes, the Kiosk is available for Android tablets as Deputy Time Clock

Can I set up a Kiosk on a computer?

Yes, you can. Simply follow the steps in this help doc to set up the web kiosk.

We advise you speak to a Customer Support representative while setting up the web kiosk. 

What version is the Kiosk compatible with? What type of iPad do I need to have to run the Deputy iPad Kiosk?

Deputy Kiosk is available on iPad devices with a camera running iOS 12.0 or higher. Read more in Setting up the iPad Kiosk.

It is also available for Android tablets running Android 5.1 or higher. Read more in Setting up the Android Time Clock.

Where do I get the Kiosk PIN for my team members?

System Administrators or Location Managers can retrieve a team members Kiosk PIN by opening the team member's profile on the People page and clicking Show PIN.

Team members can show or change their own PIN as described in:

Can I set up ONE kiosk for ALL locations?

Unfortunately, when you log into the Deputy iPad Kiosk, you can only select one location during setup.

Can I set up MULTIPLE kiosks for ONE location?

Yes, you can set up multiple kiosks for a single location.

Does the Kiosk use facial recognition and how?

Yes, in two ways. However, it's up to the manager to decide whether to enable each feature:

  1. Managers can enable Face Unlock to allow team members to log in just by presenting their face to the device rather than logging in with a PIN

  2. The Kiosk can be set up to require a photo to be taken when starting and ending a shift. This photo is shown on the timesheet.

    • If the team member logs into the Kiosk via Face Unlock then the photo is automatically taken then.

    • If the team member logs into the Kiosk via PIN then the camera turns on after they initiate the start of the shift and takes a photo.

We recommend that you leave this setting ON, however, if you would like to turn off the ability for the Kiosk to take a photo as team members login you can do this in your device settings.

Go to Settings and go to the Deputy Kiosk app setting. Toggle OFF Disable Auto Face Detection.

You can also choose to receive a notification if the person taking a photo at the start of the shift does not match the profile logged into the app. The photo taken will match up with the employee's profile photo. You can select four (4) different photo-matching rates:

  • High (80%)

  • Regular (70%)

  • Low (60%)

  • Very Low (50%)

You can set up this notification via a Deputy Extension as described in:

Why does the Kiosk say that it is offline?

There may be an internet connection issue with your iPad. Check your device's internet settings. You can also restart your iPad (long press on the power button).

You can still use your iPad Kiosk offline with some limitations.

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