Using the Custom Report Builder, you can call any piece of information within Deputy you would like to generate a custom report for.

Custom Report Builder

To access the Custom Report Builder, head to the Reports page and scroll to the 'Report Builder' section. Click 'Build New Report' to begin.

A pop-up box will appear. From here, you can select four sample reports to build. Select one and click 'Load Template' to begin. There are seven pre-built reports to choose from:

  • Schedule

  • Timesheet

  • Training

  • Leave

  • Leave Balance

  • Sales Data

  • Timesheet Pay Return

We'll select 'Timesheet' to begin.

The following is an example of a report that will be generated.

Creating a Custom Report

To create and edit the Custom Report, click the 'Edit Report' button as seen in the previous screenshot.

The following screen will appear. Here, you can edit the details of your report.

Adding and Removing Fields

On the left side of the Custom Reporter dashboard, you can see a list of categories in which you can pull data from.

In this example, we'll click 'Area' and add the area in which the employee is working in.

To add this, click the 'Area' drop-down.

Now drag 'Area Name' into the data list.

To remove items from the report, simply click the 'X' icon on the item you would like to remove.

Calculation Fields

Calculation fields allows you to create a custom column to create your own calculations. To access this, simply click 'Add Calculation Field' in your Fields section.

Here, you can create your own custom calculation field using data used in reporting. In the example below, we've used a pre-built 'Late Arrival' field, which checks the timesheet creation time versus the rostered time, and uses a boolean (Yes/No) option to answer if the employee clocked in late.

For more information about resource calls, check out our API doc.

Example Formulas:

To search for a keyword in a shift note:

IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("Permit",[RosterObject.Comment])), 0, IF(SEARCH("Permit",[RosterObject.Comment]), 1, 0)

Split Timesheet Mealbreak - (Scheduled) into individual fields:

=IF([Timesheet.strMealBreak] && [Timesheet.Mealbreak] <> "0:00",LEFT([Timesheet.strMealBreak], SEARCH("-",[Timesheet.strMealBreak]) - 1),"")

=IF([Timesheet.strMealBreak] && [Timesheet.Mealbreak] <> "0:00",RIGHT([Timesheet.strMealBreak], LEN([Timesheet.strMealBreak]) - SEARCH("-",[Timesheet.strMealBreak])),"")

To generate a report that shows employees whom are Early(-) Late(+) to their shift:

IF([RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized] && [Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized],((ROUND([Timesheet.Date],0) * 24 * 3600 + VALUE(LEFT([Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized],LEN([Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized])-3)*3600) + MID(IF(LEN([Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized]) = 4,CONCATENATE(0,[Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized]),[Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized]), 4, 2)*60)-(ROUND([RosterObject.Date],0) * 24 * 3600 + VALUE(LEFT([RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized],LEN([RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized])-3)*3600) + MID(IF(LEN([RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized]) = 4,CONCATENATE(0,[RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized]),[RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized]), 4, 2)*60))/60,"")

Save and Load Reports

After you have configured and compiled your report, you can use it for future use. Simply click 'Save' at the top of the page.

You will be asked to create a name and a description for this report. When you are done, hit 'Save'.

To load a report, click 'Load', next to the 'Save' button.

In the Load Report modal, click the report you would like to load, then click 'Load Template'.

Exporting Your Custom Report

The Custom Report Builder currently exports reports in CSV format. To do this, click 'Export CSV' at the top of the page.

A CSV file will download. Open the file using Excel or Google Sheets.

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