What is the Me tab?

When you log into the Deputy website, the Me tab is a starting point to summarise what's happening with your schedule for the week.

Most importantly, it's a place to start and end your shift or breaks.

What can I see and do on the Me tab on the Deputy website?

The information that is displayed on the Me tab is dependent on what permission level you have access to in Deputy.

For users with Employee level access you can:

  • start and end your shifts and breaks (both scheduled and unscheduled if your organisation allows you to clock in for unscheduled shifts)

  • select another week to view

  • see the total weekly hours that you are scheduled to work for the date selected including hours already worked in submitted timesheets for that week

  • view your upcoming shifts, and previous timesheets

  • offer up any shifts you can't work

  • claim any extra shifts that have not been assigned to anyone

  • request time off and indicate your future unavailability

  • see who else is scheduled to work at your work location

For users with Manager level access (Supervisor and above) you can:

  • see all the above AND

  • also view your Dashboard which gives you a summary of outstanding items related to managing your work location.

  • set the starting day of the week for your organisation and this will flow on to the starting day of the week that all your team members see in the Calendar on the Me tab (only Location Managers and System Administrator users can action this)

Can I customise the date range on the Me tab?

You can only view one week's calendar dates at a time on the Me tab however you can use the date sector to jump to the week of your choosing.

Date selector

How can I see when I'm scheduled to work?

On the Me tab, you can see your upcoming shifts and previous timesheets in your Calendar display for the week selected or you can click on Upcoming Shifts to display all your upcoming shifts.

Did you know you can also sync your shifts to your personal calendar?

How do I offer my scheduled shift to someone else if I can't work it?

If you have a scheduled shift that you can no longer work you can click on it in the Calendar on the Me tab and offer it to another team member to work (if your organisation allows team members to swap or offer shifts).

Note that shifts offered to other team members remain your responsibility until they have been claimed by another team member.

How can I see if there are extra shifts to claim?

If you see Open Shifts in the Calendar on the Me tab and you would like to work this shift, you can click on them to Claim Shift.

You can also click on the Available Shifts button to view all open shifts available to be claimed.

Note: If the manager sets the shift as Open then the first team member to claim the shift will work it. If the manager sets the shift as Open with approval then you can request to work the shift along with any other team members and the manager will decide who to assign the shift to.

How can I let my manager know I'm unavailable to work or request time off?

You can set future unavailability from the Me tab to let your manager know not to schedule you during that time period.

You can also request time off or leave.

1.Click on Request Time Off on the Me tab.

2. Click on Add new.

request time off

How can I see who else is working my shift in that work location?

If your organisation allows team members to view each other's shifts then you can click on the scheduled this day section of the Calendar to be taken directly to the schedule page.

Alternatively, if you would like a just list of who is working at your location that day go to the Location tab to view the Teams list.

What about the Me tab on Deputy Kiosk?

If your workplace uses the Deputy Kiosk for iPad to clock in, then when you log in you will see the Me tab where you can:

  • view details of your scheduled shift

  • Start and End your shift and breaks with your PIN or touchless clock in

  • Start an unscheduled shift (if your workplace allows this)

Where is the Me tab on the Deputy mobile app?

Since version 10 of the Deputy mobile apps, the Home tab is now the place to perform the following actions from your phone on Deputy:

  • view and start upcoming shifts

  • offer up shifts you can't work

  • claim available shifts

  • view and submit time-off requests

  • manage tasks

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