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Access FAQ

How can I change other users’ access levels?

Only users with an access level of System Administrator or Location Manager can change other users' access levels.

To change a users access level please read How Do I Change Access Levels.

How can I customise or add existing access levels?

Access levels can be added or customised to suit your business needs. You will need to reach out to a Deputy support team member.

What access level can see other team members' contact information?

System Administrators, Location Managers, and Supervisors can see Employee contact details, however, they can only see details of people below them in the permission level structure and not of people on the same level.

Location Managers and Supervisors can only access the contact details of those team members they manage at their location.

Why can I not edit my team members' contact information?

Deputy does not allow editing of another user’s contact information for security purposes. For example, if a team member changes their primary email address, then that team member needs to change their details accordingly in their profile. An employer may not know when this occurs.

Can someone under the Supervisor access level approve their own and other Supervisor’s timesheets?

Supervisors can only approve Employee level timesheets.

Can we allow Employees to view the Scheduling page?

Yes, Employees can view the Schedule page if you set up the correct permissions.

You can do this within Location Settings. Please read Change Employee Schedule View Permissions.

Is the System Administrator/Owner considered a user?

Yes, any active user using the system will be considered a user and will be charged per their plan.

How can I reset my password?

Users can reset their password from the Deputy website or Deputy mobile apps.

Please read How to Recover your PIN or Password.

How can a user find out what Access Level they are logged into Deputy as?

While you are logged into Deputy, if you are not sure what level of access user you are please click on your name in the top right of the screen and select Profile from the menu.

You can see your current access level is displayed under your name.

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