Within an employee's profile, you can now set rates and pay by area. This may be handy if you have an employee that works in different areas, under different pay rates. In the examples below, Alyssa works in 'Drive-Thru' and 'Delivery' and will be paid two different rates depending on where she works.

Note: This feature is for Premium users. For Enterprise customers looking for the same feature, please contact our support team.

Pay By Area

To assign pay by area to an employee, navigate to the 'People' tab and click 'Edit' on the employee that you would like to apply area pay rates to.

Now scroll down to Pay Rates and click the drop-down box. Search for 'Area of Work'.

In the fields, you can enter the employee's default hourly rate. When you click 'Area Group 1', a drop-down box will appear. Here, you can select the Area you would like to apply the pay rate to.

Now punch in the hourly rate for that area.

Remember to click 'Save' when you are finished.

Adding Additional Area Pay Rates

You can add additional area pay rates to an employee within their profile. Simply click the + icon.

Another 'Area Group (x)' will appear, where x is the number of area pay rates assigned to the particular employee selected.

Removing Additional Pay by Area Rates

To remove an Area Group, simply click the - icon in the corresponding area group.


Please note that paying by area is a flat rate and will not take into account the day of the week. This means that it will ignore any rate changes in regards to weekend, public holiday or any penalty rates.

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