Paid Breaks are now available within Deputy. We now export the time counted in breaks as paid, to make our product legally compliant in areas in which this is mandatory.

Getting Started

For more information about break planning and scheduling, click the button below for the break planning help doc:

Selecting between paid and unpaid breaks is done by a simple toggle.

Please note: You will need to unapprove and reapprove any affected timesheets. This will ensure that the total effective time is recalculated properly.

Toggling Paid Breaks

This feature can be toggled via the Locations page.

To turn it on, click 'Locations' then click 'Edit Settings' on the location you would like to toggle this feature on for.

Now click the 'Timesheets' tab, and scroll down until you see 'Enable Paid Breaks'.

We currently support two options:

  • All breaks are unpaid

  • All breaks are paid

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