This guide explains the different plans available on Deputy. You can use this guide to help make a decision on which plan is suited for you.

You can also read more about how to upgrade to a paid plan from a free trial.


We currently have a number of plans available for our users:

We also offer mobile-only plans, available through an in-app purchase on the Google Play store.


Our Scheduling plan is our most basic plan, containing our basic scheduling features.

Click each feature to visit the relevant help article. These features include:

This plan, also known as 'Scheduling Only' does not include timeclock and timesheet functionality, nor pay rate functionalities therefore will not provide scheduling costs.

Time & Attendance

The Time and Attendance plan contains our basic timesheets functionality, useful for those who need to export timesheets to payroll. Some features of this plan include:


Our Premium Plan is our standard plan for most businesses. The Deputy Free Trial offers most, if not all features found on Premium.

With our Premium Plan, you have the choice to be billed monthly or annually (saving up to 9%).

For an annual subscription, you can pre-pay for a set amount of users for the year and then any extra users that are added to your account after that will be billed monthly.

For pricing information, visit our pricing page, or contact our 24/7 support team.


Our Flexible Weekly plan grants you access to all Premium features.

However, on the 'Flexi' plan, you will only be charged for 'Active users', which is suited for businesses who have seasonal staff.

What is an 'Active User'?

On the Flexible Weekly Deputy plan, you are charged for each Active User. The following lists what is constituted to be considered an Active User:

  • A shift has been published for the user

  • A timesheet has been submitted by the user

  • The user has performed management functions such as scheduling, managing timesheets, exporting payroll information, managing tasks, creating journal entries or reviewing reports

For for more information see Flexi Plan FAQ.


The Deputy Enterprise plan is our most featured plan, and is recommended for large-scale businesses. For businesses interested in signing up for Deputy Enterprise, please contact our 24/7 support team and our sales team will contact you to discuss a solution to suit your business needs.

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