Connecting your Deputy account to Revel will allow you to sync data across both platforms, creating an efficient workplace ecosystem.

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Getting Started

Please ensure that you have a valid Revel account by visiting and creating an account. Please skip this step if you already have an active account.

In order to integrate your Revel account to Deputy, you must purchase Revel's Partner Connect, a monthly subscription for partner integrations. Please contact your Revel sales representative/account manager to purchase Revel Partner Connect and provide your Revel details, including your Revel URL/domain (e.g. https://[businessname]

Once you have purchased Revel's Partner Connect, Revel will notify Deputy and will provide your API credentials to Deputy. The Deputy support team will reach out to you directly once the API credentials are ready.  

Please note that this may take up to a few days.

If you have any questions, please start a live chat inside your Deputy account or contact our 24/7 support team with your business name and Revel domain/URL.

Connecting Your Revel Account to Deputy

Read Connecting New Integrations for an introduction to connecting to third party systems.

After selecting Revel you will see a pop-up window will appear where you will need to enter your API credentials for your account.

Enter your Revel domain and the API key/secret provided to you by the Deputy support team.

Click 'Authenticate' when you are finished.

In the service list, click 'Authorize' next to the service you would like to connect with.

Setting Up Multiple Revel Establishments

If you have multiple Revel establishments feeding data to multiple locations in Deputy, you do not have to create separate instances of the integration for each location in Deputy. Simply connect Revel to a location and ensure the 'Turn on for all locations' toggle is on.

  • Establishments and Locations

The names of your Revel Establishments must match those of your Deputy Locations (case-sensitive):

  • Roles and Areas

If you are mapping timesheets/sales data into multiple areas in Deputy, the names of those Areas must match the Roles that you have set up in Revel (also case-sensitive) for the mapping to work.


Revel offers a number of services with this integration.

New User > Add Employee

When a new user is created into the system, it will automatically create the employee in Deputy.

New Sale > Create Sale

When a sale/order is entered into Revel, this integration will feed this data into Deputy to populate the Stats graph. This will assist in effective scheduling in relation to employee cost vs sales.

Timesheet > Sync Timesheet

When a new timesheet is created within Revel, the system will replicate this in Deputy, allowing you to approve and export timesheets with ease.

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