Deputy's integration with Vend will make cost-effective scheduling feel effortless, automatically syncing data between the two systems.

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Getting Started

Please ensure that you have an active Vend account. Visit to create an account and get started.

Have you signed up after 19 August, 2020? There's a new way to set up integrations, read more here!

Connecting Your Vend Account to Deputy

Navigate to the Locations page, then click 'Edit Settings' on the location that you would like to attach to your Vend account.

Click 'Integrations' and ensure that the service you would like to add is checked. Click Continue when you are done.

Now click 'Authorize' on the service you would like to add to Deputy.

When you click this, a pop-up box will open. In this box, enter the URL that you created in the Vend sign-up process.

On the next page, enter your login details.

When you log in, you will need to allow access for the integration to connect. Click 'Allow Access' to proceed.

Clicking this will return you to the integrations tab within Deputy.


This integration provides a number of services. They are listed below:

New Sale > Create Sale

When a sale is entered into your POS system, it will automatically be fed into Deputy. This will, in turn, populate the sales data, including the figures in the sales report and the Stats graph, allowing you to schedule your employees in line with the employee cost vs sales figures.

New User > Create Employee

This will sync new employee data between your services. In this instance, when a new user is added to Vend, it will sync and add the employee into Deputy.

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