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Introduction to the Award and Pay Rule Library

Adding pay rules from our U.S. Pay Rule Library, and applying Awards (in Australia), to your employees' profiles allows Deputy to automate pay calculations. This lets you create costed rosters so you know exactly how much you're spending on labour each hour or day.

Deputy contains a pre-populated library of Australian Fair Work Awards and U.S. Pay Rules that you can apply to your employees.

This guide contains a summary of supported ay Rules and covers how to apply them to your employees and export them to your payroll system.

You can currently export our ay Rules to the following payroll systems:

How to Apply Pay Rules from the Pay Rule Library to Employees

Applying pay rules from the pay rule library works in a similar way to entering the pay rule amount manually.

On the People page and click the name of the employee you would like to add the pay rule to.

Scroll down the menu on the left and select Employment, then click Edit:

Click on Pay Details and then the Pay rates drop-down menu for a full list of award rates.

You may also find it easier to find the award you need by typing the abbreviation of the award name in the search field.

Once you have selected the correct award, simply enter the employee's ordinary base rate and it will automatically populate the other fields.

Remember to click Save to apply the rates to the employee.

If you need to update multiple employees at once you can use the Bulk Action functionality in the People page.

Exporting Timesheets Using Library Pay Rules

When you export using our pay rules library, it is advised that you match the export code sent from Deputy to the matching pay item in the target payroll system ( ADP Run, Gusto, MYOB AR, MYOB, Xero). This allows you to re-use any pay items within your payroll system, avoiding any duplicate items.

Please remember to click Save when making any changes to the Export Code.

Note: there may also be limitations in your Payroll system as to what export code you can use. For example, in MYOB AR Live, the export code is limited to 31 characters. Check your payroll system for your specifications.

Australian Awards

Currently Available:

If the award you are looking for is not in our system, feel free to send it in via our Deputy Awards Suggestion Form.

United States Pay Rule Library

Fair Workweek Pay Rule Library (Enterprise Customers Only)

Other Pay Rule Libraries

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