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What is a preferred employee?

Firstly, preferred employees are different from recommended employees.

Whether Deputy recommends an employee for a shift or not depends on a number of factors such as overlapping shifts, training, unavailability, approved leave, and their stress profile settings.

However, marking an employee as preferred in a specific work area means that you are able to designate them as having priority for being scheduled in that work area before other recommended employees that have not been marked as preferred.

When scheduling with preferred employees there are particular rules that will be applied and you should be aware of.

How to mark an employee as preferred

To mark employees as preferred, navigate to the Schedule page.

From here, simply move your mouse over the area in which you would like to edit.

A pop-up box will appear in which you can edit the details of the area. At the bottom of this pop-up box, you will see Preferred Employees.

Here you can enter the employee names that you would like to designate as preferred employees in that particular area. You may type their names or select them from the dropdown.

Remember to hit 'Save' when you are satisfied with your changes.

Scheduling with preferred employees

Marking employees as preferred for a particular area will affect the scheduling rules for this area depending on how you schedule the shift.

Let's look at three ways to fill an empty shift and how marking employees as preferred affects the process.

1. Manually assigning an empty shift to an employee

When you create an empty shift in an area and click on the dropdown to select who is working, you can see that the preferred employees will appear at the top of the list. You can see that employees that are not marked as preferred appear lower on the list. Employees without the required training for that area appear even lower.

Employees that have been marked as preferred appear higher on the list to make it faster for you to select the most suitable employee for the shift.

Note: you are able to schedule any employee from this list to the shift, regardless of whether they are marked as preferred (or even have training). However, a pop-up warning will remind you they are not recommended for this shift because they are not a preferred employee for this area.

An employee who is not recommended for a particular area but is scheduled in that area will appear with a warning icon on their shift in the schedule.

2. Preferred Employees and the Auto-schedule tool

When using the Auto-scheduling tool to Auto Fill empty shifts in an area with specific employees marked as preferred, Deputy will ONLY schedule those employees that have been marked as preferred in that area.

Even if other employees have the training required for that area, Auto Fill will not schedule those employees on shifts in that area because they are not marked as preferred.

If some shifts are left empty after using the Auto Fill tool because they are unable to be filled by the preferred employees then you can still go into the empty shift and manually schedule employees that have not been marked as preferred.

3. Preferred Employees and Open Shifts and Shift Swap

If an area has specific employees marked as preferred, then when a shift is marked as an Open shift or available for a Shift Swap then only employees who have been marked as preferred in that area will be able to see or claim those shifts.

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