This article will explain the integration between Square and Deputy. For a full list of connections, visit our Integrations help article.

To learn more about our Sales Upload and Integration with Dropbox, click here.

Getting Started

Sign-up for Square

First, ensure that you have a valid Square account. To do this, click HERE and follow the prompts to create your account.

Connecting your Deputy Account

To connect your Deputy account, log into your account at Click the Locations tab and click 'Edit Settings' on the location you would like to link.

Now click the 'Payroll' tab on the left, then click the highlighted button, as seen in the image below:

A pop-up will appear. Here, you will need to enter your login details for Square.

The following page contains permissions in which Deputy will need to access. Click 'Allow' on this page.

After you click 'Allow', you will see that the integration has connected. You should see the following:

Activating Your Services

Navigate to the Integrations tab within the Location Settings and ensure that 'Square' is checked, as seen in the image below:

Click 'Continue'.

Important Things to Note

For the Timesheet > Sync Timesheet function to work:

  • Ensure that the location that has enabled the Square connection matches the name of the location in Square exactly as seen in Deputy
  • If you have multiple locations in Square, you will need to connect each of these individually in Deputy

Services and Options for Square

When scrolling through the list of services, you will find the following options:

New User > Add Employee

When a new user is created, it will sync the employee data into Deputy.

New Order > Create Sale

When a sale is created, the sales data will sync into Deputy so you can manage your scheduling in line with your sales data/budget.

Timesheet > Sync Timesheet

When a timesheet is created in Square, it will also create a timesheet for export within Deputy.

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