This guide will teach the Billing and Payment portion of Deputy. This includes how to change your billing details, changing the email which receives the invoices, and how to check previous invoices.

Note: You will need to be a System Administrator to make any billing information changes.

(For US customers): Please note that businesses located in Texas and Massachusetts are subject to local state tax laws, which is reflected in your Deputy invoice.

Updating Your Payment and Billing Details

First, log into your account at ''.

If you are redirected to the 'Me' tab, simply enter '' into your browser address bar to go to your business list.

On the business list, click 'Billing' next to the corresponding business you would like to change the billing details for.

The Billing Overview page will display your billing information. Click 'Edit Payment Details' in the bottom right corner.

In the ensuing box, enter your valid credit card or PayPal details. Ensure everything is correct click the Save button to confirm any changes.

The updated details should now be reflected in the Billing Overview.

Updating Your Invoice Email Details

If you would like to change the email which receives your Deputy invoices, navigate to the Billing Overview.

From here, click 'Edit Billing Contact', as seen below.

A pop-up box will appear. At the bottom, you will find a box where you can enter an email, which will receive your Deputy invoices.

Remember to hit 'Save' when you are satisfied with the changes.

Removing an Email Address from the System

There may be an instance in your company where the original business owner has left the business, but their email address is still the primary billing address in Deputy.

To remove them, first, add the new email address to the 'Also email invoice to:' box. Now, send a screenshot of the Billing page (which will display the old email address and the new one), and email it to, explaining that you would like to remove the original address from the list.

Retrieving Historical Invoices

To view previous invoices, click either 'Billing' or 'Settings' in your business list for the corresponding business you would like to check.

On the left side, you will see a number of tabs, including one called 'Invoices'. If you click this, a list of previous invoices will be brought up.

Retrieving SMS Data

To see data on SMS charges, head to the invoice page.

In the corresponding invoice in which you'd like to check, click the 'View Invoice' drop-down box and click 'Usage/SMS CSV'.

SMS will appear on your invoice as 'SMS Charges'. This includes information including quantity, unit price and total price.

You can find SMS charges in your usage items list at the bottom.

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