The amount of Leave your employees have accrued, as well as deduct leave can be recorded in Deputy.

Getting Started

There are two things to do before you can start accruing and deducting leave.

  1. Ensure employees have pay rates set up

  2. Ensure leave conditions are configured and set

Setting Up Pay Rates

Check out how to set up Employee Pat Rates by clicking this button: 

Configure Leave Rules

Leave Rules dictate how different types of leave are calculated. To configure Leave Rules, click the top-right drop-down box and select 'Business settings'.

Click on the 'Leave' tab, then click 'Leave Rules'.

Here you will see different types of Leave. These are the different types of leave configured into your system.

You may add additional leave types by clicking the 'New Leave Condition' button.

Adding and Deducting Leave Balance

Leave balance accrual and deduction can be manually entered via a number of ways. Accrual and deduction can also be automated so that you can set it up and leave it without having to worry about manual data entry.

Via Extension (Accrual and Deduction)

Please note that this extension handles accrual AND deduction of leave balance from approved timesheets.

First, head to the location you would like to apply Leave Accrual to and click 'Edit Settings'.

Click on the 'Notifications & Integrations' tab, then select Deputy.

Search for the 'Approved Timesheet/Leave Request > Accrue and Deduct Leave Balance' option, then click Activate.

From here, you can set the rules of the extension.

Remember to click 'Save' when you are done.

VIa Employee Profile

Navigate to the People page and click 'View' on the employee you would like to add/change leave balances for.

Select the Leave tab.

Then click 'Edit Balances'.

From here, you can manually enter in the values corresponding to the amount of leave the employee has for that leave type.

Via Payroll/HR Software Sync

You can now sync leave balance from the following payroll/HR systems:

  • Xero


  • Gusto

  • BambooHR

  • FlareHR

To do this, you will need to add the function from the Integrations page. First, navigate to the Locations page, and click 'Edit Settings' for the location you would like to modify.

Now click the 'Integrations' tab and select the payroll/HR solution that you are using. In this example, we'll use Xero. Click 'Continue'.

Please note that if you do not initially see a list of services, as seen in the screenshot below, you may need to click 'Edit Services' to see this screen.

Now scroll down to the Xero integrations until you see 'Import Leave Balance > Sync Leave Balance'. Click 'Authorize' if you need to log into your Xero account. Otherwise, click 'Activate' to setup the integration.

Now, simply click 'Save' to continue.

To add Leave Balance, you must navigate to the Leave Accrual Entry via the following link: 'exec/hr/leave_accrual'

You will need to enter this link at the end of your Deputy URL, for example, your URL will look like the following:

You will be brought to the following page. To add a new Leave Accrual, press the 'New Leave Accrual' button in the top left-hand corner.

In the next page, you will be prompted to enter the details of the Leave Balance. This includes the employee name, transaction date, leave type, hours and any comments.

When you are done, hit 'Save the Leave Accrual' button at the top of the page.

On the next page, you can click 'Info' on the left side to view additional information about the employee's Leave Balance, including the Record ID, Creator, the date it was created, and the date it was modified.

To view the full list of Leave Balances, click 'Back to list' in the top left corner. From here, you can view leave balances, as well as print the list as a PDF or CSV file.

Allowing Employees to View Leave Balances

If company policy dictates that employees can or cannot see their leave balance, we've made it easy to set this up within Deputy.

How to Enable Employee Leave Balance View

To allow your employees to view their Leave Balance, you must switch this on via a toggle. To do this, click the dropdown box in the top-right and select 'Business settings'.

In the pop-up box, select the 'Leave' tab and then use the toggle displayed below to update based on your preferences. If you would like your employees to view Leave Balance in Deputy, switch this to 'ON'. If not, switch it to 'OFF'.

Checking Leave Balance as an Employee

To view your leave balance, you will need to check with the System Administrator to see if they have allowed this permission for employees. If they have, simply head to your profile by clicking the drop-down box in the top-right corner and selecting 'My Profile'.

Scroll down to the 'Leave' section and you will be able to view your Leave Balance, including the type of leave.

Filtering Leave Balance

To view and filter leave balances, head to the People page. Under the 'Also Show' drop-down menu, check 'Leave Balance'.

A new column will appear on the People page labeled 'Leave Balance'.

To further filter employees by leave balance, click the 'Filter' drop-down menu. Under 'Leave Type', select the employees with the leave type that you would like to view.

You will now view employees with this leave type recorded.

Leave Balance Format

This view will allow you to see your Leave Balance in hours, and in days. This is calculated based on the 'Default Shift Duration' as set in Location Settings. To edit this value, simply head to your Location Settings, and in the Scheduling tab, edit the 'Default Shift Duration (hours)' field.

In the previous screenshot displaying Leave Balance, it displays 'Janek Brandenberger' and 'Mick Foley' with 4.67 and 2.35 days leave respectively, with the default shift duration set to 9 hours. After changing the default shift duration to 7.6 hours, you will see the Leave Balance calculate based on this new value. Janek now has 4.93 days, and Mick Foley will have 2.82 days of leave.

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