We've created a toggle that will prevent any SMS notifications being sent from your account. For business owners that are looking for savings, this feature will ensure that employees will still receive notifications via the Deputy smartphone app and email, without incurring any extra costs from sending an SMS to each individual employee. This toggle will also block any other SMS notifications from being sent from your account. This includes, but is not limited to, open shifts and empty shifts.

How to Disable SMS Notifications

To do this, log into your Deputy account at once.deputy.com.

  • If you have multiple businesses, you will see the following. Click 'View' on the business you would like to disable text messages for.

  • If not, you will be redirected straight to your Deputy account.

Find and click the dropdown box in the top-right hand corner of your page and click 'Business Settings'.

After click this, a pop-up box will appear. From here, you can see the toggle to remove SMS notifications. You can toggle this ON and OFF.

Please note that turning this on will charge AUD$0.05 for both domestic and international or .5p per SMS for both UK domestic and international or USD$0.01 per SMS for domestic US customers or .7c for international customers paying in USD.

When you are finished, click 'Apply Changes' to ensure that your changes save to your account.

Please note that if you need to do this for multiple businesses, you must manually toggle ON or OFF to each business via the Business Settings.

Publishing Notifications

When publishing shifts, the toggle in the Business Settings pop-up will override any publishing options you select. For example, when publishing shifts, you will be given one of four options:

Even if you select one of the first two options, Deputy will block any outgoing messages via SMS, and will not charge you for these messages.

How to Force Long-Form SMS Notifications

There may be instances where an employee in your business does not own a smartphone. In these cases, they will not receive a detailed message about shifts. To force long-form SMS notifications, navigate to Locations, then click 'Edit Settings' on the Location that you would like to change.

Now click on 'Scheduling' on the left side:

Scroll down until you see 'Use full name of location and area when publishing schedules via SMS'. Ensure that this is set to 'ON'.

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