What are borrowed team members?

Borrowed team members are team members who may be scheduled to work a shift in a location they do not regularly work at.

While scheduling team members for a particular location, managers will be presented with a team member list on the left-hand side of the page that shows all team members associated with that particular location.

In the example below, the manager is scheduling for the location "The Azure" and the list is populated by team members that have been assigned to work at this location in their profile.

Occasionally, managers may wish to schule a team member from another location to complete a schedule, without having to permanently assign the team member to that new location.

In this instance, they will be borrowing the team member.

Who can borrow team members?

The option to borrow team members for scheduling is only available if the scheduling manager has access permissions of:

  • System administrator OR

  • Location manager for BOTH locations where they are scheduling AND borrowing team members from

If you are the Location manager for just one location you will not be able to borrow team members from other locations for scheduling.

How to borrow a team member from another location to schedule

Continuing on from the above example where the manager is scheduling team members in the location "The Azure", the manager decides to schedule Ned who normally works at work location "The Shell" into any empty shift on the Front Desk at The Azure.

By editing the empty shift and typing to search for Ned's name in the Who is working? field, the manager can still add Ned to the shift at "The Azure" even though he normally is associated with "The Shell" and is not preferred to work in this area.

Approving timesheets for borrowed team members who worked a shift in another location

If you have borrowed an employee, you will need to approve the timesheet for the correct location/pay centre.

In the Approving Timesheets tab, you will need to select which pay centre to pay your employee in. In this case.

If you approve the employee in one location, they will be approved in the other.

Exporting Timesheets

Please export the timesheet from the location it was approved.

From here, you can export your timesheet as per usual.

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