While Scheduling, you may notice that your employee list does not include every single employee. This should reduce any loading times when it comes to searching for and borrowing employees from other locations to schedule.


For businesses who select and schedule employees from different locations, you might've noticed a change in your employee list.

Previously, when Scheduling in a specific location, the employee list would be populated by every employee currently working under that Deputy account. To reduce loading times, we've removed employees from the list that do not work at the location that you are currently scheduling for.

For example, Travis Bickle works at Bob's Burgers, but Bob wants to schedule him at Sammy's Snackpacks. In the scheduling tab, Travis will not appear in the initial employee list. However, if you search for his name specifically, his name will appear.

In the example above, Travis, who works at Bob's Burgers, will not appear on the employee list unless searched for specifically.

This update will allow you to share employees across locations while retaining optimal Deputy performance while scheduling.

If a location has no employees, then the search will follow the 'Nearby Search' logic:

  • Will search for employees that work in a 'parent' location. This is helpful for when a company has a main location and uses a secondary location as a 'sub-project' location.

  • If parent company has no employees, search via 'sibling' locations.

  • If both fail, search the entire company.

Approving Timesheets

If you have borrowed an employee, you will need to approve the timesheet for the correct location/pay centre. As above, Travis was selected to work at Sammy's Snackpacks, but is currently listed as an employee of Bob's Burgers.

In the Approving Timesheets tab, you will need to select which pay centre to pay your employee in. In this case, Travis appears in both Bob's Burgers:

And Sammy's Snackpacks:

If you approve the employee in one location, they will be approved in the other.

Exporting Timesheets

In the example above, we pulled Travis from Bob's Burgers and placed him in a shift at Sammy's Snackpacks. The timesheet was approved from Sammy's Snackpacks, so you will need to select the correct location in the location selector in the top-left hand side.

From here, you can export your timesheet as per usual.

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