Bulk updating shifts in your schedule allows you to make a large number of changes with less effort than updating shifts individually.

IMPORTANT: Deputy works on a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) basis, so using Bulk Updates means making changes to all shifts that are currently visible on your Schedule page.

How to Display the Desired Set of Shifts on Your Schedule to Update

Before you can apply bulk updates to any shifts, you need to ensure only the shifts you wish to update are displayed on the Schedule page.

As shown in the example below, you can use the following selectors at the top of the Schedule page to filter the shifts that are displayed:

  • Location selector - you can use this to display All locations in your organisation, specific Locations or even specific Areas

  • Date Selector - use this to set the date period of shifts you wish to display

  • View Selector - select from Day, Week, Two week or Month View by Area or Team Member

View by Area

When viewing the Schedule in View by Area, you can also hide specific areas on the schedule to further filter and only display the shifts you wish to update.

You can click on the arrow next to the Area name to collapse and expand the schedule.

In the example below a filter has been applied to display shifts for:

  • Location: The Azure

  • Time Period: week of 21st - 27th Feb

  • Areas: Front Desk and Admin

The filtered result displays 21 shifts on the schedule ready for bulk update.

View by Team Member

When viewing the Schedule in View by Team Member you can also use the search bar at the top of the team member list on the Schedule to select specific team members' shifts to display.

In the example shown below, the view is changed from Area View (Week) to Team Member View (Month) and then Abby's name is entered in the search bar to filter to show just Abby's shifts for the month of February.

For more information on how to filter your Schedule effectively read Schedule Filtering and Management.

How to Make Bulk Update to Shifts

Once you have filtered the Schedule to only display shifts you wish to make updates to then:

  1. Click on Options (sprocket icon)

  2. Click on Bulk Update.

3. Select a field to apply the update to and click on Apply Update!

What Shift Fields Can I Bulk Update?

Start Time

This will update all the visible shifts' start times to the time you specify in minute increments.

End Time

This will update all the visible shifts' end times to the time you specify in minute increments.

Meal Break Length

This allows you to add a meal break to every shift visible, in 15 minute increments from 0 to 240 minutes.

Team Member

Team Member allows you to replace the current team member's shifts displayed with another team member.

Utilise the Team Member View and other selectors described above to ensure you are only displaying the shifts you wish to replace prevent accidentally assigning every shift on a schedule to a single team member.


This option will take all displayed shifts and place them into an Area as specified by you.


This option will add a shift comment to all displayed shifts.

Publish Status

Publish status will allow you to bulk update the shift publish status. You can select one of the two following:

  • Not Published

  • Published

Other Bulk Action Options on the Schedule

When you open the Options menu in the Schedule you can see that in addition to Bulk Updates there are other bulk actions you can apply to your schedule including:

  • Remove All Team Members

  • Remove Empty Shifts

  • Delete All Shifts

  • Mark Empty Shifts as Open

All of these options function in the same way as described for Bulk Updates. That is, the action will only be applied to the shifts that are displayed on the Schedule.

In the example below, the manager wants to delete all shifts on the selected week from the Area, South Room.

1. The Areas other than "South Room" are hidden on the Schedule by clicking on the arrows. (You can also expand and collapse all areas at once by selecting Expland/Collapse all from the Options menu.

2. Click on Options (Sprocket icon)

3. Select Delete All Shifts from the menu.

4. Click Remove.

You can see that when the schedule is expanded out only the shifts from the Area South Room were deleted but the other shifts on the Schedule remain.

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