If you need to change the Deputy URL from what you set up when you first joined us, it's easy to do yourself.

Note: you must be a System Administrator for your company's Deputy account to make this change.

1. Log into your Deputy account at once.deputy.com or alternatively if you are already logged in your can click on Account overview in the menu under your name.

2. Click Settings on the company you'd like to change the URL.

3. You can see the existing Unique URL already in the field. Please enter the new URL you would like to use.

4. Click Check availability to see if the new URL is available. If it is available, it will display a green tick.

5. Click Save to implement the new URL for your Deputy account.

6. If the URL you have chosen is not available you will see a warning. Please return to Step 3 and try and new unique URL. Don't forget to click Save when you are finished.

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