The Deputy tasks page allows you to assign tasks to other team members. This guide will also show you the process of completing tasks and marking them within Deputy.

Getting Started

Creating and assigning tasks is not limited to System Administrators. Employees, Supervisors, and Location Managers can also create and assign tasks to other users. However, only System Administrators and Location Managers can create task groups and assign them to areas.

Please note that for task groups to be viewable, an team member needs to be clocked into the area that the task is assigned to.

Creating Tasks

To create a task, simply click the 'Add Task Group' drop-down menu and select 'Add Task'.

The tasking modal will open up. Simply enter the task name, and select a due date (optional), or add additional notes (optional). Click 'Save' when you are done.

Assigning Tasks

Assigning tasks works the same as creating tasks. Simply click 'Assign Task' in the 'Add Task Group' drop-down.

Now, after creating the task details, and before clicking 'Save', click the 'Assign to' drop-down box and select the person you would like to assign the task to.

Completing Tasks

Web Browser

To mark a task as complete on the web browser, navigate to the Tasks tab and tap 'My Tasks'

In the resulting modal, tap on the checkbox for the corresponding task.

If you would like to mark a Task List item as complete instead, click the title of the task list.

In the modal that appears, click the corresponding checkbox for the task you have completed. It will be marked with the team member that has completed the task, and the date it was completed at. This is especially helpful to identify which team member has completed a task on the list.


To mark tasks as complete on the Kiosk, simply sign in using your PIN, and on the left, tap 'Tasks'. Here, you will see a list of assigned tasks. Simply tap the checkbox to mark the task as complete. Alternatively, if you are looking to complete tasks from a task list, simply tap the name of the task list, and these will appear on the right. Tap the corresponding task to mark it as complete.


To complete Tasks in a task list on mobile, simply open up the Deputy app and navigate to the 'Tasks' tab using the navigation bar. To open up a task list, simply tap the task list name.

Then tap the corresponding task that you would like to mark as complete.

Add New Task Group

Task groups allow you to create a dynamic task, which includes repeats, additional task notes, and the ability to assign the task to an entire area. This can be useful for particular businesses that have a group of team members work the same area, and who have to complete certain tasks together.

To create a task group, simply click 'Add Task Group' from the task drop-down, or select it at the bottom of your task list as shown below.

In the Task Group modal, create the task group. This includes the name of the task group, and the area you would like to assign it to.

If you would like to add more tasks, simply click 'Add Tasks'.


Repeats allow you to set the group as a recurring task. The options include:

  • Public Holiday

  • Mon - All day

  • Tues - All day

  • Wed - All day

  • Thurs - All day

  • Fri - All day

  • Sat - All day

  • Sun - All day

  • Daily - All day

  • Weekdays - All day

Available After

This option allows you to specify the time-period that this task list applies to. For example, 'Closing Procedure' can be applied 'Daily' through the Repeats drop-down, however, it only applies to the staffed area that works from a certain time. For example, if '8:00 PM' is selected, the task group will apply to team members assigned to the specified area, and if any part of their shift occurs after 8 pm.

Additional Options

Completed Multiple Times

If you require a task be completed multiple times, you can toggle this from within the task's additional options. To do this, click the task drop-down button as seen below:

Now in the following box, select the toggle, with 'On' meaning the task can be completed multiple times.

Task Notes

In this section, you can also add/change/delete task notes. Simply alter the contents of the 'Tasks Notes' box.

Deleting a Task in 'Task Groups'

To delete a task within task groups, simply click the drop-down button on the task this applies to.

From here, simply click the trash icon as seen below and follow the prompts to delete the task. Remember to click 'Save' when you are done.

Deleting a Task

To delete a task in a task group, refer to the section above. To delete a standard task, click on a task that you have created, and select the trash icon as seen below:

Task Templates

If a task group is created, it will automatically create a saved template for other users within your business to use. This is especially useful if you want to apply a set of tasks to another area of team members and/or add/remove tasks.

To access templates, click 'Add Task Group' and select 'From Templates'.

Here, you will see a list of task templates. Simply click 'Preview' in the template you would like to edit.

This will open the New Task Group modal, where you can now assign the task group to another area, or make modifications where necessary.

Recurring Tasks

To set up recurring tasks, add the following to your Deputy URL: /exec/config/scheduler

Your link should look like the following: https://[deputyURL].[country/area code]

At the top of the page, click 'New Schedule Template'.

On the resulting page, create a name for the task, and under 'Application', select 'Task' from the drop-down menu.

From here, you can select the start date.

The 'Repeats' option is the unit of time you would like the task to repeat for. For example, Selecting 'Weekly' and entering '2' is the 'Every X weeks' section will repeat the task list every fortnight. This is confirmed at the bottom of the page, which shows the next 5 occurrences of the task. You can also select when the date the recurring tasks end, and if they occur on public holidays.

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